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Dear Paula,

I feel so blessed and aware of my good fortune to have you as my teacher. It is because of yoga and because of your dedicated, conscientious, centered, intelligent, compassionate and wise instruction that I have been able to regain health, hope, wisdom and personal spiritual growth.

Your teaching and heartfelt sharing of knowledge made this a much better experience then i could have ever imagined. Your leadership and insight have helped me get through a very difficult time. Now I know I will not only survive but be stronger, more aware and at peace. Yoga will be a part of my life always.

I will never be able to express to you how important you and your healing skills have been to me over the course of the trip.You have helped to keep me sane through some really difficult self-healing. I am looking forward to continue with the spiritual healing work with you. I know your leadership and insight will continue to help me get through the difficult times in my life.

I have continued my meditation practice since I have came home, I plan to continue my yoga practice on the mat as well.

Thank you with all my heart,
Yulia M.