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Yoga is for all ages. There is no "too" old or "too" young for yoga.

Yoga is for all ages. There is no “too” old or “too” young for yoga.



When Art and I registered for the yoga teacher training, we were not really thinking about teaching yoga, we mainly wanted to experience ourselves in a different way – to get out of our boxes, so to speak. When we returned home, and the Friends of the Chamblee Library asked me to teach, I was happy with the opportunity to give free classes to share what I had learned – those classes are coming up soon.

Two months ago, when an acquaintance said she and two of her friends wanted to meet with me to learn yoga, I thought “Sure, why not?” Even though I wasn’t sure how I’d find time, I knew I could help them to safely learn the basics and then they could take more advanced classes elsewhere. We meet in my living room. The fee is $10 per person, far less than what I make as a massage therapist, but it’s been an incredible gift to share with these 68 year old gals. They say it’s an incredible gift to study with me and have individual instruction. Their bodies are already changing – backs are straighter and stronger for meditation. The meditations are good – we do a few minutes at the start of class and a longer one at the end. Even if they are a little tired from asanas, they perk up after breathing and meditation.

I am learning so much more and becoming a better person too. As I mentioned to you and our class – I am so lucky!

Thank you again for your wonderful and thorough teaching of yoga.

Bonnie G. Gibert