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Scared?  GOOD!  What is it that scares you?  Jumping out of a plane?  Speaking in front of 100 people?  Telling someone you love them?  Telling someone you don’t? Headstands? Standing at the top of an icy slope with a snowboard attached to your feet? Death? Posting a blog about your fears?  Choosing a career path? Confrontation? Closing your eyes and sitting with yourself? So, what scares you?  Whatever it may be, it’s time to figure it out and DO IT. 

In the past few weeks, I have decided to face my fears head on. In this process, I had a choice:  I could get the the edge of fear, get overwhelmed, and retreat to my place of comfort or harmful (but comfortable) habits…. OR, I could get to the edge, accept the feelings and emotions that were surfacing, and jump in anyway.  So I jumped… a lot!

So what happens when you jump into fear?  From my experience, the thought of what will happen is usually dreadful.  The reality of what happens is the exact opposite.  When you don’t jump, you remain in a gray area.  In an area of self doubt, frustration, self pity and uncertainty.  When you dive straight into the scary place, you live!  You may laugh, you may cry, but either way you take control of your life!  You move with intention towards something that you want that you never thought you could have… because you were too scared.  Whether the outcome is what you expected or not… it doesn’t matter! You did it and that is the most powerful thing you can do.

~Post by Hedy Iankelevich

Hedy teaches Monday’s at 12:30 (Quick Fix) and, starting in April, she will be teaching Thursdays at 6pm (Foundations).  Her classes integrate awareness of breath, moving with ease and calming the mind.