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Teaching The Bare Bones Basics

Lead Trainer: Paula Tursi

Teaching yoga for beginners is becoming a highly-sought after skill. As yoga becomes more popular and gains recognition in the media and the medical field, more and more people are coming to class and hiring private instructors for a variety of reasons. Open level classes are intimidating and risky for beginners, as students may have little to no knowledge of how to use their body. Frankly, basic classes are just not that basic. Where can a student go to gain clear and safe understanding of how an asana is meant to be done?

Working one-on-one and being able to see what a student is missing–and how to bring a pose together–requires a lot of skill. Teaching the basics requires you to have a solid understanding of how the body moves, as well as the elements of each asana, so you can teach it in components as well as in entirety. Teaching your students the basics from a well-thought out and experienced perspective gives them a safe and encouraging point of entry.
“Though you may need to be flexible to teach an advanced class, you must know the body and how it moves to teach the building blocks of yoga.” ~ Paula Tursi

What’s Involved:

  • 3 days of class time.

  • Home work.

  • Conduct an online class taught and observed by the group.

  • 2 or 3 teleclasses as follow up.

In this advanced and comprehensive course, you will learn:

  • The building blocks of 10 of the most important asanas.

  • How to teach simple and informative anatomical principles.

  • The anatomy of breath.

  • How to use props and how to teach your students to use them.

  • 10 of the most useful pose adjustments.

  • How to introduce meditation to beginners.

  • The art of seeing –you will practice seeing where a student is moving from and how to redirect.

  • Private client protocol and how to conduct private sessions.

  • How to troubleshoot the effects of people’s expectations.

*Manual Not Included in Course Cost*Recommended Reading :Making Connections: Total Body Integration Through Bartenieff Fundamentals by Peggy Hackney
“Paula’s approach to yoga is incredibly authentic and powerful. I feel honored that I got the opportunity to train with her as my teacher. She paves a clear path of wellness for many through her teachings, practice and overall interactions. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for the valuable training and enhancing my passion of sharing yoga with the world.” ~Rebecca, Denmark