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I attended Paula's Jan-Feb 2013 teaching training at Anamaya Resort in Costa Rica and it was an incredible, transformative experience. Paula is a phenomenally skilled, knowledgeable, present, and loving teacher who applies a layered approach to teaching. Paula is a clear communicator and her process-centered style was easy to follow and absorb.

From asana practice to anatomy, alignment, philosophy, Thai massage and personal transformation, Paula guided our group with much intelligence and great compassion. I would recommend her training to anyone who wants to become a yoga teacher or is looking to enhance their own practice.

Paula's teacher training is much more that just the physical practice of yoga. Paula's use of spiritual textsand personal transformation work within the training gives alarger and more in-depth context for the practice of yoga. Through this aspect of the training, I have been able to confront some old behavior patterns that no longer serve me and I am most grateful to Paula for incorporating such applicable and relevant texts and exercises. Training with Paula at Anamaya has been straight-up awesome.

Alyson Lyon, Chicago