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Story of the Studio

Conventional wisdom said buying a yoga studio was a horrible idea. Paula Tursi was a senior teacher at Levitate in Hell’s Kitchen and had been running her own internationally renowned teacher training retreats for 10 years under the name Reflections. When Levitate’s owner announced her intention to retire in 2009, a couple of clients encouraged Paula to ignore the naysayers and the crashing stock market. Paula bought the studio, moved it around the corner into a much larger space (with a somewhat tawdry history, no less) and Reflections yoga had a home.  








Reflections was a Center for Conscious Living from the start, with yoga classes, massage, alternative healing, and workshops of all types providing different ways for members of the community to examine their lives.

In 2014, the Hell’s Kitchen building in which Reflections resided was sold. Paula was expecting a child, rents were crazy, and it seemed certain that the studio would close. With the end of Reflections nearly inevitable, her realtor called with a space that had just become available. Allowing only a very quick turnaround for construction, the new studio at 227 East 24th Street opened that September.

Reflections stuck to its mission and became a hub for its new community as well. On any given day, a visitor to the studio may see a yoga class or workshop taught by the studio faculty or by renters from the community, a meditation class, one of a variety of healing modalities, a spiritual counseling session, toddlers learning to play soccer or sing in a different language, a book reading, a dance lesson, a food tasting, an office party, or another of the endless possibilities for a space as open and adaptable as Reflections. Visit us to find out if our offerings or our space work for you, and become part of our community.