“Winter has always been a time I’ve enjoyed “digging in.” Though I also struggle with wintery blues, I view these colder months as a time to hunker down and finish old lingering projects or prepare for new ones I’d like to take on. The weather might be different in Costa Rica, where I’m spending most of the colder months this year, but the feelings are the same. I found that I am getting to so many things I had put on the back burner.
The sutras will tell us that it is just our tamas coming up. Tamas is one of the three Gunas that helps us understand fluctuations in our moods. Tamas holds the qualities of imbalance, inactivity or inertia, but I see it as my time to look internally. A time to study more than explore, write more than dance!
What projects do you want to finish? What courses would you like to prepare for? So, when spring time comes and we move into our more rajasic, or energetic, aspect, we are ready to go out and take on the world!”
With Light,
Paula Tursi