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I would love to hear your thoughts on the this video. I have felt for years that the Yoga Sutras are based on the science of the mind and a deep understanding of how the universe works. Its never been clear to me how that understanding came about but is was clear that the sutras where speaking the same language as all the greats I had read in my study of Psychology. It has been fascinating that as science progresses it seems to support what Yoga has been saying all along regarding the Universe and how it was created, what time is or isn’t, etc..

I have been an avid reader of Stephen Hawkin for many years. This is such an amazing moment for me to see Deepak and Stephen speaking on the same topic. Its such as exciting time in our growth as enlightening beings.

Larry King Live, CNN, 9-10-2010 ”The Grand Design”, by Stephen Haw…

Part 2