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Thomas Malone

Five-Element Acupuncture

Thomas Malone is a licensed acupuncturist in New York City. He practices a unique form of acupuncture known as Five-Element acupuncture, which directly addresses the human soul. The human soul (psyche) is seen as the root of both our dis-ease when imbalanced, as well as our health when in a state of harmony. Five-Element acupuncture works to restore us to a state of balanced integration in our body/mind/spirit, where we can feel like ourselves once again and thrive in all areas of our life. Therefore, Five-Element acupuncture is not used only to address physical ailments, but also specializes in addressing the root cause of issues within our internal environment such as angst, distress, depression, anxiety, generalized unhappiness and lack of fulfillment in our life. It is recognized that everyone’s essence is already whole and complete, and Five-Element acupuncture simply helps to bring forth what is already essential within With this we are restored to a restored state of ease and well-being.
Thomas began his journey in the healing arts when he attended a Tai Chi summer camp at the age of 9 years old. He continued on to became certified to teach Tai Chi with the Tai Chi Foundation ( and meditation with the Arica School ( He received his Ph.D. in molecular and environmental toxicology in 2007, his master’s in Classical Five-Element from the Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture (, and also has certifications in Tibetan Ku Nye massage with Sorig Khang International ( and Medical Qi Gong with the Tai Chi Foundation.