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Eliza Hansen

Who did you study with?
My most influential teachers for yoga have been Paula Tursi and Jared McCann. I am also a certified Pilates instructor and personal trainer.

What year did you start teaching Yoga?

What other jobs have you had?
I also teach Pilates classes and do freelance design.

Favorite place that you have traveled to?
So hard to choose one favorite! My most recent trip was to Jamaica, which I loved. Beautiful scenery, great food, and loving people.

List 3 words your students would use to describe your classes:
Uplifting – Opening – Energizing

How does your own practice influence your daily life?
Physically, yoga strengthens my body and brings my awareness to my body’s natural alignment. I have found that this awareness and soft strength brings balance to my mind and spirit.

Favorite asana?
I could hang out all day in a headstand!

Who is a teacher who inspires you?
For my teacher training, I spent one month with the most amazing group of yogis from all over the world. Their love and light still uplifts me every day!

A great yoga class makes you feel…
Strong, open, and balanced.