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Damian McCann

After six years of extensive training with Eric Franklin, Damian now offers classes and workshops in the Franklin Method. His goal is to empower his students with all the necessary tools to feel good in their bodies, minds and lives.  Damian can relate to many, as he began his own exploration into the body/mind connection over ten years ago because of crippling back pain.  Now, because of this regular use of the Franklin Method, not only has he healed all his chronic pain and sports injuries, but has found a deep and profound pleasure and love of even the most basic functions of the body.  Something as simple as breathing or walking, or sitting at a desk can become an opportunity to heal.

Damian applies Franklin Method to all his favorite activities–snowboarding, hiking, surfing, martial arts–and has found his skills improving at an incredible rate. Because of the profound changes he has experienced, Damian is compelled to share this awareness with the world.