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Birgit Nagele

Reflexologist (feet/hands/face), Chair Yoga Teacher, Amateur Blogger, Expert Puppy Lover, and loves wearing beads

Birgit is board certified in Foot and Hand Reflexology, and has been practicing yoga since 1994, and holds several yoga certifications. She also took up Qi Gong recently.

Reflexology can be used as an aid to get deeper into meditation, or simply as a treat for your body. Whether your overworked hands & feet need TLC, you hold tension in your face, or need assistance with entrenched medical disorders or a stressed psyche, Reflexology can restore ease, overall balance, and allow for positive physiological changes.

Throughout the Reflexology process, clients can explore their self’s interconnectedness, resetting their mind, enhancing their lives with improved energy, increased resilience and lightness. Feet are the foundation of our physical structure, hands are the extension of our hearts, and our faces are in close proximity to our brains–but all are representations of the entire body via our reflexes.

Birgit currently works with private clients as well as clients of YCT (breast cancer survivors) and at RMH (supporting families with children with cancer). She has taught on Reflexology in corporate health fairs, wellness events, and in larger community settings.

A vision she had has materialized into 2 Fundraisers for Serving Those Who Serve. STWS serves and empowers traumatized communities by teaching them self care originated in holistic healing forms of the East. More about Birgit’s work and credentials: