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It's time for some pampering!


I have been thinking about the idea of pampering. What is pampering, really? For me, it is nothing but an old term used to make women feel guilty for taking care of themselves when it is assumed they should be busy working, cooking, cleaning and… the list goes on.  “Pampering”, if you will, is a sign of self-respect. We may think of "treating ourselves" as doing things that are bad for us, like eating a few cookies or a pint of ice cream, or buying a super expensive pair of shoes. But here are a few things that are actually cheap, easy and make a big difference to your health and wellbeing:


Set your morning and night with a pause. In the morning, take 5 minutes to first connect with yourself. A 5 minute meditation is very important. It creates a healthy environment inside of you.


Do one thing in the middle of every day to remember yourself. Take a class, get a 15 minute massage, drink a healthy juice instead of a mid-day coffee.


At night, create a ritual of self-care. Cream your feet, give yourself a mini facial. Do something that is only for you.


Doing these small things will help you remember that you are valuable, important and worth being cared for.


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