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Give Thanks ~ Daily Life Savasana

Recently, I began to notice that I was doing so many things that ranged from making a great dinner, to teaching a class, to starting a big new project — and it didn’t matter what it was or how it turned out, I still felt a weird emptiness inside. How could that be if I was essentially doing good work, work I believed I should be able to learn and grow from?

I began to realize that I never took even a minute to pat myself on the back and honor what I had done. Suddenly I saw the importance of acknowledging that something had been brought to completion and to take the time to sit with it and see how it had changed me. What had I learned about the meal, my teaching, any of it? That was the nectar the Sutras speak about when we are in a juicy asana. It’s that pause of really resting in it and feeling its value.

In a best-case scenario, aren’t our life experiences here for our growth? If not, isn’t life a routinely-lived, mind-numbing, never ending series of days, weeks and months where we have forgotten our successes and spend too much valuable time thinking about our lack? That sounds terrible!! So how do we find this growth and the value of each experience we’ve lived?

I found it in the sitting, reviewing, and in giving my experiences time to resonate — not unlike Savasana at the end of our yoga practice. It didn’t matter how small I thought these successes were, they were still a part of how I was spending my time and so they must have importance, as the Sutras remind us all of our actions are sacred.

I have made a practice of taking just a few minutes before bed to make a list of what I have done in that day and what it means to me. I decided to stop letting my days feel like run-on sentences. As a result, I am feeling accomplished and also really clear about how to direct my life so I can continue to grow. I am more clearly able to see what is working and what is not and giving thanks for all the lessons in between.

It seems small but it works like a charm. So sit down and make a list of why life is good and what is still there for you to learn ~ and give thanks!