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by Shirley Johnson “Work in the invisible world at least as hard as you do in the visible.” – Rumi It is said that during this time of year the veils between the two worlds is at its thinnest. November is predominately ruled by the astrological sign Scorpio, and Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto. If you were ever into Roman mythology, you might remember that Pluto was the god who ruled the Underworld. As a child, I thought of the Underworld as a place where all the dead people were and as a place that was quite scary. As an adult the Underworld has continued to be a place of both fear and intrigue; filled with secrets of the past, but also holding the keys to the future. Metaphorically, the Underworld is the place where our past resides. It’s the part of our consciousness that holds all the secrets, shames, fears, and experiences that we would prefer to keep in the shadow, rather than bring into our everyday consciousness. So perhaps the reason that this time of the year is said to be when the veil is the “thinnest” is because this is the time of year that we can visit the Underworld and bring peace to the stories and integrate them into the light. It is a time that is fueled by dear Scorpio to guide us into the unresolved and darker parts of our existence. It’s time to be honest with ourselves and to accept what is, and in this way we can integrate the 2 worlds. Pluto also gives us the push to change. Scorpio is a sign of generating; both pro-generating and re-generating. The word generate comes from the Latin generare meaning “to produce or to beget”. In order to produce, we must bring together the past and the present. Once we have accepted what has been, we can usually move on and begin to change things and create things in our lives. The start of this month may be a good time to bring some acceptance and spirit of change into your home by re-organizing, re-decoration, or maybe moving. The start of this month may also call you to honor some challenging relationships with either your mother or father and dig deep into some uncomfortable Underworld territory. The beauty is as soon as it is done, it is over. By the middle of the month, Venus moves direct in Libra – there may be feelings of harmony once again in personal finances and self worth, and quite a few planets move into Sagittarius which will pick up the pace and incite adventure and new studies in life. Perhaps you meet an awesome teacher or find a topic of study that fires you up. Towards the end of the month with Mercury and Mars conjuct in Sagittarius, we will be inspired to speak our highest truth. Be at peace with that truth and let it carry you forward into the new season integrated and whole.