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Paula Costa RicaI am in Costa Rica in the midst of teaching a powerful course in Spiritual Development, held in the arms of this spectacular terrain—such a healer to us all.

The course is powerful because of the honesty of the work, but more powerful because of the sincerity and courage of the people here with me. They are ready and willing to look deeply at themselves and each other and raise the bar of their integrity mostly to themselves. As the facilitator and student –always– I have looked deeper than before at what motivates me and what is stopping me from making the change that will allow me to take it all in! I am thankful to the group for holding space for me to look into me.

As I write this I am also excited to tell you that Reflections is presenting a few master teachers in the world of movement and discovery this month.  Bonnie Bainbridge and Eric Franklin as well and the burgeoning teachers from Soma System will be filling the rooms of Reflections this fall. If you are judged by the company you keep, then we are pulling in a pretty high resonance! Don’t miss the opportunity to study with the teachers that discovered and designed the fundamentals of our practice. If you love our teachers and I know that you do (how could you not!)- these are the teachers that are the roots of their practice.

As always humble and filled with gratitude!