Reflections is launching what we hope to be an affordable monthly membership for a few reasons: We believe yoga should be available to everyone! I also personally believe, from my own experience, that in order to progress in your practice you need a pair of constant, loving eyes to help you make the adjustments necessary to gain real, long lasting change. I also feel it is important to engage with all the limbs of yoga –not just asana. Hence, we are even offering a donation meditation class on Saturday mornings.

With all the one time class deals out there, we, as teachers, find that we have 5 or even 10 new students in each class that we may never see again. How can we get to know your body and help you discover your movement patterns if we see you once a week or even once a month?!  It is important to have a teacher, a person you learn from overtime. The teachers at Reflections take what they do seriously and we are here to serve you. We want you to take your practice as seriously as we do, so I have decided to bring back our $98 monthly membership in the hopes to inspire you to make a commitment to your practice, and in that commitment, grow to love yoga in ever deepening ways.