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Paula Costa RicaYoga Over and Under 40

It is true I have been doing yoga for a good, long time but it wasn’t until I hit my 40’s that I really found what I believe to be the truth of the practice. There is something about forty that just makes you wiser. How could it not, more years on the planet more opportunities to learn from my mistakes!

The older, and perhaps wiser, I became the more I understood the innate beauty of this ancient practice for a woman of any age.

It seems to me that women spend a lifetime trying to get and or stay skinny! It is one of the things we think about a good part of our day and typically, we are dissatisfied with the results! What yoga and the deeper practices can teach us is not about being thin, but being healthy — then we are always the perfect shape! We don’t try to lose weight, but by being more connected to our bodies, we stop eating what isn’t good for us. It just doesn’t taste or feel right. We understand that it isn’t about another, better, diet but about getting to know ourselves. When we are feeling angry or lonely, we might reach for our yoga mat or even a hug instead of a doughnut because we know what will really make us feel better in the long run.

Yoga teaches us to listen. It brings us back to an intuitive nature that is the true gift of the feminine. Yoga helps us to see the body as sacred and suddenly we stop dragging it around like an old purse. We become wiser about how and with whom we spend our time as we come to understand that what we surround ourselves molds who we are. We begin to make choices that bring us less stress and more joy.

The yoga poses will surely make us fit and help us to look youthful longer, but perhaps not in the way you might think.

Striving is something we have all gotten too good at. Listening to ourselves has become much more difficult. Yoga teaches us how to pause, accept and more then that, love who we are as we are.

Yoga is a way of live and a life long friend. Its wisdom teaches us how to find self-respect and thus self-love. Yoga asks us to practice presences and to appreciate everything exactly as it– because it is as it should be– us included.


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