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Paula and Otto LoveIt is my first mother’s day! I can hardly believe it. Its been an amazing 8 months. If there was any one thing I have learned in these months, it is how much of my mother lives inside me. I have spent a good many years trying NOT to be like her, for one reason or another. Lets just say, she and I did not have an easy ride.

Being Otto’s mother has helped me to see her in a much different light. Life just never stops offering us unexpected ways to grow.  I feel all the love she filled me with coming through me to my son. Things she made, silly things she would say or songs she would sing I now give to Otto. I somehow have kept all of the good and seem to better understand the hard parts. The job of a mother is often hard and quite scary. We  are always trying to do your best with so much on the job learning. These days I see and feel her struggle from a much different seat.

I’d like to share that on this mother’s day I feel only deep love and gratitude for my mother.  Thank you, Otto, for teaching me how to love my mother. Thank you, Mae Tursi, you are loved and terribly missed.