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sad snowmanThe Wintery Blues

I don’t know about you but this winter has kicked my butt! Though my son, Otto, brought a great deal of sunshine, he also added to the fatigue. Although winter can feel long, at least I can get a lot done. There are books to be read, projects to complete but when it lingers as long and hard as this year I need a few helpful tools to get through.

I wanted to share a few things that really helped me get through the dark days of winter.
1. Hold your ground against cravings. As much as I craved them I stayed away from the carbs and sugar. I ate as close to the earth as I could. I ate lots of protein and greens. I also had a cup or two of Deep Bone and Harmony bone broth every day. That made my joints feel amazing!
2. Get inspired. One day we were all feeling the blues so I brushed off Deepak Chopra’s 21 day meditation challenge and sat the family down for a listen. It starts with a beautiful focus for your day and leads into a short silence. This gave Ed and I something nice to talk about and it opened our minds a bit on those very grey days.
3. Get out there! There were so many days I thought “I think I’ll just stay in my PJ’s with Otto.”  but instead I got us both dressed and took a walk in the fresh air.  Even though it was brisk it did us both good!
4. Get social. I am prone to skip the friendly dinners and find every excuse to stay home with a good book (isn’t that what winter is for?!) but I also made sure to go out at least once a week with a friend to change up the scenery .
5. Get into the sun when you can. Whenever the sun came out I would find a way to sit in it for at least 10 mins. This made a big difference for my mood.


I hope these suggestions help. If you have a few good ideas of your own please feel free to share them with us.


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