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july 4In the last week I have been feeling really proud about being an American. This country that I have felt out of place in, somehow has swung around and began speaking my language—the language of Love and Acceptance.

Not only have the last few days been a celebration of love, but an illumination around our curious need to have who we are validated. In fact, it isn’t enough to simply “be” but that in that being—same sex, transgender, or independent—it needs to be honored by the people around us. We need to be supported and more than that, celebrated. This act of celebration, or honoring of things, has an important energetic value—just like the celebration of our birth, our death, and our love. 

I was a little surprised to find that I had a need to feel proud of the country I live in. I notice when I speak to my friends from around the world, I hold my head high—instead of sitting with sadness or embarrassment that sometimes may follow a conversation about our seemingly liberated country.
My humble heart and mind wonders if our country validates more ways to celebrate love, and equality is not just an idea, but a truth, then we might begin to turn things around. Could we actually live in the divine beauty of simply being, and become the country perhaps we intended to be. 
Happy Independence day, happy love, happy life!