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What if you were asked to make a list of what the most important characteristics were in the people you have chosen to be in your life? What would be on that list? Would it be that they were super intelligent or generous? Would it be their looks? Perhaps it’s that they know all the best places to hang out? Maybe they are super supportive? Or do you simply have great chemistry?

When I asked myself this question, my answer surprised me. All the things I assumed were really important weren’t. The one thing I just couldn’t do without was that they made me laugh. It was the one thing I just couldn’t trade. It seemed to encompass most of the rest in one way or another.

My sister and I speak everyday, more or less, and on every call she makes me belly laugh. I love to call her when my day turns hellish, because I can count on her to transform the day’s absurdities into a nice hearty laugh.

As a single woman, I have had the great fortune of spending time with many wonderful men. Of course as open minded and committed to unconditional love as I might be, I certainly have my list of what makes me say yes to that second drink or the bigger commitment of the second date.

It’s wonderful when a man is well put together, interesting, does a little yoga or can afford to buy a drink. But the thing I find makes me say “Yes!!” to a second anything is our ability to laugh together.

In the words of Victor Borge: “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”

Those of you who spend time at the studio know we laugh away most of the day. It’s what gets us through the hard times and what brings us all together. We laugh at the day, ourselves, the crazy world of yoga … all of it!

Why is laughter so important? I believe when a person can laugh at life it lets me know they can move through the world with ease. It shows that they know we are here to learn and have fun doing it. They don’t take it all so seriously. Together we can enjoy life’s many blessings instead of thinking too much on the harder times.

For me life can sometimes be like an extra long sitcom and I am so glad I have such great friends to share it with! I think about the future, when I am older and all my milestones have been reached, my hair is shiny grey and am sitting in my rocking chair. I am certain that what will move me through those contemplative years will be my ability to laugh about the stories of my past and what lies in the precious days ahead.

“Laughter on one’s lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life.” ~Hugh Sidey