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The Yoga of Money

These days, I’m thinking a lot about money. What it means, how I get it, how I save it and where I choose to spend it. It seems to all come down to clarity and worth.

To me, money is symbolic. It’s a representation of what I value in my life. Seen in this way, I give real thought to what I choose to exchange it for. My choices get more clear and as a result, what I bring into my life has more meaning.

I have been thinking about things that have great value for the future and how I “plan” to use my energy to attain them. This causes me to weigh things out, what might I let go of today to make the future more powerful.

It’s never really about a dollar amount, but about the energetic exchange. For example, let's say a client doesn't show up to her appointment with me. The question lingers: should I charge her, even if I know she might have limited funds? Some might say it is compassionate to do so — I can give her a warning, even though she was previously made aware of the cancellation policy. However, if I allow it to slide, she may believe I don't respect my own time, so why should she? Plus, what lesson am I offering her about respect and manners, not to mention her own worth?  Won't the message be that it is okay for people not to show up in life in general? Letting her “slide” might certainly allow me to feel like I am easy going, but what will it suggest about our own personal values and worth?

As a result, I have taken a few action steps I want to share with you that have helped me increase my own value: 

    I make sure my wallet is orderly and I always know how much is in it.

  • I am aware of how much I owe out each month.
  • I pay people what they are worth, so I can easily expect the same from them.
  • I honor everyone who helps to move me through the world: from the person who delivers our laundry, to my dentist, to the Reflections staff, etc.. I need them to know they are important and that helps me to understand how important I am to others.
  • Last but not least, I make sure that all my exchanges feel good. They need to be honest and come from a high place of integrity. I don’t eat in places that feel bad, I don’t use the services of the people who feel "off" – remember, you get what you pay for! If something seems below value, it is. If it seems above value, it is. Both exchanges will bring you trouble down the line.

Our relationship to money speaks volumes about our relationship to ourselves.  Money is powerful. Clean out this little closet and you will find you attract all things of excellence because you are vibrating at your own highest potential!