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Why Yoga …
It is true I have been doing yoga for a good, long time but it wasn’t until I hit my 40’s that I
really found the truth of the practice. There is something about forty that just makes you wiser.
The older, and perhaps wiser, I became the more I understood the innate beauty of this ancient
practice. Here are a few examples of what I have come to understand, and about the importance of yoga at any age.

Yoga teaches us to listen. It brings us back to an intuitive nature, where we are acting as warriors or the divine. We learn how to look inside for what we need, not out. Like a true warrior, we learn to be one with all that is around us… to respond, instead of react.

Yoga helps us to see the body as sacred and suddenly we stop dragging ours around like an old shoe. We become wiser about how and with whom we spend our time as we come to understand that what we surround ourselves with has a real effect.  We begin to make choices that bring us less stress and more joy.

We don’t try to lose weight, but by being more connected to our bodies, we stop eating what
isn’t good for us. It just doesn’t feel right. We understand that it isn’t about another, better diet
but about understanding ourselves and our triggers.

The yoga poses make us fit for sure. They also connect us to our inner bodies so we look and feel youthful. We come to find that we are able to do more, not less, as we grow older.
Striving is something we have all gotten too good at. Listening to ourselves has become much more of the challenge. Yoga helps us to find our true confidence as we stop trying and realize we have already arrived.

Yoga is not a fad, but a way to live a beautiful life of balance.