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Reflections Yoga celebrates its 3-year anniversary with a new beautiful relationship and a whole Lot of Love!

Three years… Wow! I am leaving for Brazil once again, just as I was the day before I signed the lease for Reflections 3 years ago. I must admit, I was never really sure we would get this far. What is strange is that it seems Reflections, and all of the beautiful people who come through its doors, have their own plan for its future. Most of the time I feel I'm simply sitting in deep observation. I have no idea what will happen next, but the longer I sit and let this beautiful and organic vibration move, the better it gets! 

This year I am excited to tell you about a new and wonderful alliance that is happening at Reflections. When I return in April, we will be opening Reflections East. This will be a much smaller but very beautiful studio. We will be working closely with Dr. Ilan Bohm of the Office of Integrative Medicine ( . There will be classes on meditation, yoga for healing and lectures given by renowned speakers on alternative healing models. I will have the great privilege of co-facilitating a lecture on The Mind Body Connection to Your Health with Dr. Bohm in April. Stay tuned for details…

I encourage you all to sit deeply. Life most certainly has a plan better than our own.

Much Love,