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The old adage, “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb”, was developed as a metaphor for the weather conditions in certain regions. March is known for its duality – it holds both the end of the winter and the beginning of the spring, the lion and the lamb, the snow and the sun,  Pisces and Aries.

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” — Proverbs 4:7

March houses tthe Sun both in Pisces and Aries.  Pisces is the ruler of the feet, while Aries is the ruler of the head.  Pisces is the last sign of the Western Zodiac, and Aries is the first.  Modern society heavily emphasizes the importance of the head; the importance of thinking, reading, and using your brain to solve issues.  Yet this month starts with 5 planets in Pisces, ruler of the feet.  How are the feet emphasized in this society?  Or are they?

The feet are the first part (and often the only) part of our body that make contact with the ground each day.  The feet can represent our ability to feel and be grounded and our connection to Mother Earth.  According to metaphysical healer, Louise Hay:
Our FEET have to do with our understanding, our understanding of ourselves and of life — past, present and future.

Pisces, as the ruler of the feet, also represents our intuition, faith and dreams, and ability for understanding.  The beginning of March, with the Sun, Moon, Mars, Uranus, Mercury and Chiron all in Pisces is urging us to “get understanding”.  Depending on where Pisces is in your chart, there will be different parts of your life that are calling out for “understanding:
Aries: Subconscious, Dreams, Charitable Nature
Taurus: Friendships, Social Life
Gemini: Life Calling, Job, Reputation
Cancer: Philosophical Beliefs, Education
Leo: Transformation, Death, Intimate Relationships
Virgo: Relationships, Marriage
Libra: Health, Routine, Work
Scorpio: Creativity, Romance
Sagittarius: Domestic Life, Mother
Capricorn: Siblings, Neighborhood, Communication Skills
Aquarius: Earned Income, Values, Resources
Pisces: SELF

According to Shinjo Ito’s 16 foot depiction of reclining Buddha, the wheels of Dharma are on the Buddha’s feet.  Dharma is the term for the Buddha’s teachings and lessons.  Ito placed the Wheels on the feet of the Buddha because he believed that these lessons can only be learned by experience, and not just by reading or thinking about it.

This month, can you walk through life open to new experiences?  Can you bare to walk through life and experience all that comes your way – both the pleasure and the pain – and welcome it into your wisdom and understanding?  Allow the walking to bring you lessons and learn from them, but do the walking for yourself.  The mind does not walk, only the feet do.  Give your mind a break, and get in touch with your Divine feet and the journeys they want to take you on this month.

 Kali Shirley Johnson, native New Yorker and Los Angeles-based, is astudent of metaphysics.  She has been studying astrology since the tender age of 5 years old and is  thankful to share her love for the celestial bodies.  She is available
for Astrology Counseling, Reiki Healing, and Yoga.  She can be reached at