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Life by Design

Where there is clarity and purpose, there is strength and action.

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Meditation with Paula

Saturdays at 11:30-12:00.  Sessions on-going.  Learn to calm the mind, quiet the senses, and increase concentration during this 30-minute guided meditation class. No experience necessary, and students of all spiritual backgrounds are welcome. Class exercises will include a short talk on living life more fully, a guided meditation through the senses, calming pranayama (breathing exercises), and methods for developing concentration. Donations are greatly appreciated but not required. 100% of of the donations go to the New York Foundling.

When there is clarity in purpose there is strength in action.  When they join forces, we can be empowered to design a life of meaning and be the innovators and leaders we were meant to be.  – Paula Tursi

If you have a dream or a goal but you can’t get over the fear of just going for it, this course will help you understand those fears and excuses. Join Paula for a 13 week online course created for you to be the architect of your life. In this space we will define action items and tasks in order to accomplish your dreams and goals that have yet to manifest. You will leave your fears and excuses behind, as you recognize your demons and develop the strength to reach your dreams,  true potential and purpose. 

This course will marry the psychology of yoga with your daily life, with both theoretical and practical exercises aimed  to look into your shadows to find what is stopping you from moving forward and owning your life’s purpose.  Each week you will take both spiritual and physical actions to create an alignment between inner purpose and outer accomplishment. By the end of the 13 weeks you will have a comprehensive plan of action for you to the next step on your life’s path that will align with your soul’s desire.  This 25-hour course is part of the (CORE) requirements for any of the 300-hour tracks of Advanced Yoga Teacher Training.  But this course is not just for teachers, it is designed to transform anyone with a sincere interest in developing their spiritual practice and understanding of self and bringing their dreams into reality.

What's Involved:
  • Share 8 video-calls with Paula
  • Share 5 calls with your break-out support group 
  • Have reading and videos that will support the course material
  • Weekly projects that will be submitted for insightful feedback
  • Set goals that will be witnessed by the group, create a timeline and direct plan of action to bring your purpose to the world.
  • Two 30 min private sessions with Paula
In this comprehensive course, you will:
  • Use Jungian shadow work to uncover the most pervasive blocks hindering your growth.
  • Be guided through hypno-meditation to set a clear purpose for your life.
  • Use Patanjali’s Yoga-Sutra as a map for working with your life to help understand how to work with anxiety, eating disorders, addiction and depression.
  • Move the locked prana in your bodies using yogic breathing practices designed specifically for you.
  • Set goals that will be witnessed by the group, create a timeline, and clear a direct plan of action to bring your purpose to the world.

Dates: September 21 through December 21, 2019, Saturdays 8:30-10am

Cost: $895, Early Bird $750

Lead Trainer: Paula Tursi

Location: Online

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Create alignment with your inner purpose and your outer actions.  This week-long retreat, led by Paula Tursi, designed to bring out your true voice.

“Teachers and leaders need to be led so they can tap into their inner voice and emerge deeper and more powerful on their path.”
— Paula Tursi

Spend a week with Paula resting, relaxing and having fun. Two of the best ingredients to make a long lasting change. In this joyful state you will be lead through a series of activities and discussions that will send you home clear, focused and the person you really want to be.

This course will count for 50 hours of your 300 YA requirements for your 500 certification.

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