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"All the scriptures tell us one thing: “Know thyself.” If you have known yourself, you have known everything else.  Know That, by knowing which, you will know  everything else.  The Bible says, “Seek that kingdom within you.”  It is not outside.  Seek That within you.  Once you have found That, then everything else will be automatically added unto you; you don't have to go looking for outside things, they will all come to you. So learn that first. "

Swami Satchidananda


June is named for the Roman goddess, Juno.  Juno was the daughter of Saturn and the wife of the King of the Roman Pantheon, Jupiter.    Juno was known for her fierceness as the Queen of the Pantheon, often being depicted somewhat stern and steady and like a warrior, yet she also rules marriage.  Whether understood or not, even today June has the most weddings per month than any other month.

What is marriage?

We all have a different interpretation of marriage and it brings up different words and thoughts.  Marriage is…Love, Money, Partnership, Family, Unity, Business, Contract, Old School, Traditional, Spiritual, and the list goes on.  To each of us, marriage may mean something very different, yet collectively we all recognize marriage as a union or as a bridging of 2 families, 2 people, 2 entities in some form to work as 1.  When we unite our energy and intention into one area, we can trust that change will happen there.  When we remain divided about intention, we avoid ever making a decision to unite our intention into, therefore never allowing ourselves to grow and to merge into one-ness within and with others.

Our society sees marriage as something that happens between you and somebody else, yet astrology knows that marriage is about the self and self knowledge.  It is not until we get clear with ourselves and unite with our highest self or Atman, that we understand what union is about.  Relationships in all senses do not happen outside of us, but happen within us.  There is a constant relationship and conversation between the self and the Self – the worldly you and metaphysical you.

This month, I ask you where in your life are you ready to unite the self and Self.  Are you ready to unite and bind together the self and the Self so that you can start creating your life with action and purpose, rather than being at war within?

Gemini: Self.  Maybe you know it is time for a change, but you have been putting it off due to caring about other's opinions and thoughts.  This month, ruled primarily by your sign, is the month to shine.  The Sun is in Gemini, and it is urging you to be You.  Not the you that tries always to be some way, but the You that exists through all moments and times.
Cancer: Dreams, Empowerment.  It is time to release the thought process that you are a victim or are at the mercy of society, other people, and systems.  This month is great to remember your position as co-creator on this Earth.  Take responsibility for your life, and stop comparing yourself to others, and instead be who you are.
Leo: Friendships.  Do your friendships reflect your heart?  Do you feel you are holding back in your friendships?  Sometimes we have different friends who nurture different sides of us.  Make some time this month to spend with those who nurture your Highest Self, the friends who encourage you in your dreams and calling.
Virgo: Career, Reputation.  Your career is not just the work you do, but it can be the legacy and energetic footprint you leave on this Earth.  What does your heart want to share on Earth, and what holds you back from sharing it – money? security? fear?  Take a risk this month and share a little bit more than usual of your passion.  You may be surprised on what it brings to you.
Libra: International Studies, Philosophy.  You are seeking Truth, not facts and not opinions, but pure Truth.  Whatever is not Truth, let it go.  Be with the Truth, it will lead you to freedom.
Scorpio: Transition.  Big changes are here, and it is time to trust the changes and results of the changes.  By holding on to the past, you are subconsciously holding onto fear and making fear a primary ruler of your life.  Take the risk to trust and to have faith in yourself and the world that supports you.
Sagittarius: Relationships.  Is your relationship inspiring your Highest self?  If so, then wonderful!  If not, it is time to check in and see why.  As the saying goes, it takes 2 to tango. Both you and your partner are responsible for the state of your relationship.  What are you ready to take responsibility for in your romantic relationship and in ALL of your relationships?
Capricorn: Health, Routine.  Routine does NOT mean running around all the time and doing things for other people.  A routine is a way to balance your life and actions, and to include time for the self.  When you include time for self care, you are creating good health and wellness.  This month, create time and ritual to take care of yourself – get sleep, drink water, nourish yourself.
Aquarius: Romance, Creativity.  Dear Aquarius, when you let yourself play and be inspired, you are just as effective as when you are serious and being stern.  Let the playful side of you come out this month and lead you.  As you let yourself play and mix things up, you create new relationships, new ideas, and new projects all while having fun!
Pisces: Home.  The concept of home for you is shifting for you.  What you used to think was home and comfortable is now becoming so comfortable that you know in your intuition that it is not encouraging growth for you.  Remaining in places or situation that encourage stagnancy is not "home", its fear and static.  Get moving!
Aries: Siblings, Community.  Community is an important concept for the individual.  Community is where we can grow, learn, and earn.  What communities do you belong to and why?  Are they helping you grow or are they helping you stay the same?
Taurus: Self Worth, Income.  The parts of you that have belittled yourself are no longer serving you.  This month you have the opportunity to truly know yourself as Divine and beautiful.  It is your choice if you want to know yourself this way.  When you get to know your Divine self, it is not longer about what other people say or think, it is all about what you say and think. 

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Kali Shirley Johnson, native New Yorker and Los Angeles-based, is a student of metaphysics. She has been studying astrology since the tender age of 5 years old and is thankful to share her love for the celestial bodies. She is available for Astrology Counseling, Reiki Healing, and Yoga.  For more info, please go to