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onenessThis was my third year teaching at the amazing Time Square Solstice event.  There were so many familiar faces. It seems to have become a tradition for many. This year I brought an additional family member tucked deep in my belly.

Nothing has brought me more into my practice then this sweet soul. It has taught me, on the deepest level, the experience of oneness and unconditional love.

Before this baby, on a certain level, I’d been living in the illusion of separation– from the world, from others and often from myself, even though I have been teaching about oneness my entire adult life. In my work I have come to realize that this is an illusion we all share and the one that causes us the most pain.  If I feel disconnected and that no one understands or feels me I experience a deep primordial pain that causes me shame and seems to be unhealable.

The first time I felt this baby kick — inside my body! —  I suddenly knew the deep level of connectedness we actually are and my whole being rushed with love and then joy. I had been found. I was in fact connected, felt and no longer alone.

Ridding ourselves of the myth that we are all separate can be done in one way – with love — like most things. If we fill our practice with sensitivity, connection and feeling then we are nurturing this love on a genuine level. If we can only give our practice the permission to show us the way to self love instead of competition and struggle then this myth is no longer valid. When we stop working beyond or outside of our practice and get humble, even vulnerable, self love is there waiting. I learn and will continue to learn this on many levels as this baby asks me to surrender, literally at the core of my being and I do so not only willfully but with joy.

The great yogi  and philosopher, Richard Freeman once told me yoga offers us the space and freedom to stop pretending and the opportunity to get real with who and what we are. I would add to that — when you discover who that person really is love them with all you got. Love them as if they were your child.  Because if I can love me unconditionally then I can hold that compassion and love for all.

Coming together in the greatness of an event like the Times Square Solstice gave me the extraordinary chance to love myself, my child and to love and understand all people as part of our connection in the pot of separation. What separates also holds the road to integrate depending on how we look at it.

The fact is, re-discovering this oneness, time and again is really the evolution of humanity. Every time this baby kicks I come to know again that I hold life inside of me and that we are surely a miracle. The re-occurring murky waters of my mind clear for the billionth time and I remember there is no where to look but here inside of me. What more of a miracle can there be than to live a life — to create a life. We are a conduit of connection and if we accept this we come to understand that WE are what we seeking. We are the miracle and hold the highest vibration right inside of us.