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When it comes to deciding whether we are happy or not where do we look to find the answer? What is the deciding factor on how happy we are.

Is it a matter of success or material things, love or not. No one can deny that real-life circumstances have a tremendous impact on our emotions. This may lead us to wonder why we feel so helpless. Our inner thoughts might run like this: “What’s wrong with me?” “Why do I let people affect me so?”, “If only (you fill in the blank) happens, then I will be okay”, “Why do I feel enslaved by my thoughts?”, or “Why can’t I just be happy? And what would it even look like if I was?”.

In all of these instances we are looking outward to heal what lies within. These were questions I often asked myself before I found the practice of meditation. Satisfied in our own lives by changing our attitude towards reality … not the reality itself.

Through my practice I learned to sit with my thoughts and myself. I found a way to allow the triggers to rise up and learned to employ a different response to them. I found the power of pause. In certain meditations I was able to give my life a clear direction and then when I got off my pillow, it was easier to step in that direction. It felt good to decide how I wanted my life to be, rather than being taken for a ride by the waves of my “life situation”. It felt good to be in charge of my own emotional world.

In January, Reflections will be holding an Winter Urban Silent Retreat , where we will introduce and develop the practice of mindfulness. Along with restorative and yoga classes, there will be sitting meditation and intention setting. There will be time to write and just be in the energy of our Kula (group). Join us for this powerful weekend where we are all gathering to bring 2012 in as a year that is set in deep clarity and highest of intentions.

This weekend is suitable for beginners

Does Paula’s story resonate with you? Do you think you might enjoy exploring the ways we move through life and how yoga and meditation can give us a new perspective on them? Take two days with Paula and Friends at our Winter Urban Silent Retreat, Jan 14 & 15 2012.