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The Power of Touch

  The Importance of Touch and Effective and Informed Adjustments

Learn how to approach, adjust, and effectively take someone deeper into their own body/practice using Thai Healing Touch. Learn self-care techniques for your own energy field and ways to clear, strengthen, and protect your energetic center. Tap into ancient techniques in receptivity and reciprocity. Give and receive confident and strategic hands-on assists for your private and public classes.



Franklin Method Art of Sensory Queuing and Metaphor for Teaching

When we move we often focus on the positioning of the body parts from the outside; i.e., where to place the knee, head, arm, etc. But you can clearly visualize what is happening in the parts of the body that are not seen from the outside, i.e., the brain, joints, bones, muscles, and fascia. This course will dive into the tools to ignite and refine your focus, sensory pathways, and the brain-body connection. This Franklin Method experience will bring your movement and teaching capacity to the next level.


 Karen has 27 years of experience in the health and wellness field. She began her career as a RN in a Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Unit. Earning a Masters of Science from the University of Pennsylvania. She then became a Surgical Nurse Practitioner at Surgical Specialties at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York. Most recently, she opened her own practice, Limitless Living, in Larchmont, New York. Karen commutes to Reflections to teach weekly Franklin Method classes, special event workshops and private Energy Medicine, Flower Alchemy and Franklin Method sessions. Her own ideology is very much in sync with Reflections purpose to be a space for self-exploration and to help people make a mind-body connection.

It was specifically Karen’s work with the Franklin Method that took her personal movement practices to the next level. Franklin Method helped her become aware of the thoughts and images she was unknowingly using that led to pain & injury. Through regular use of the Franklin Method tools, she now has more strength, flexibility and focus that adds an even deeper level of enjoyment to her yoga, tennis, pilates, quantum physics studies, writing and teaching. Franklin Method enhances every move you make-it’s meditation in motion.