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Energy Healing & Spiritual Consulting Sessions

October 6, 2017 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EDT


Energy Healing & Spiritual Consulting Sessions

Dr. Pam Denton specializes in spiritual energy work that upgrades performance in your career and life.  (Visit Dr. Pam at www.pamdenton.com. ) She believes that we all have a purpose and reason for being here and your purpose can be blocked by fears, doubts, past trauma, energy interference, emotions and insecurity (unknowing).  Energy healing with Pam, channeled from Source Power, can help you return to a positive and protected state of living and restore you to functioning at your fullest potential.

You know you are in need of an energy clearing with Pam when you feel “off”: low, tired, digestive disturbances, overall fatigue, intense emotions, no emotions (numb), negative, unmotivated and/or chronic illness are signs that you need to clear disturbances in your energy systems.  Other signs include not being able to access what you desire, distraction, lack of clarity, or a deep desire for an upgrade of energy.

Pam believes that the interference in your life needs to be removed and transmuted to a higher state of energy for you to achieve success.  A low energy can cause anxiety and fear however can be released through the removal of energetic blocks. In session with Pam you will let go of what is holding you back by stepping into a state of open calm where the universe can conspire in your favor, because you are clear and open.

Pam will connect with spiritual energy and channel light and healing for you to clear away any blocks that are keeping you from living in a loving, present and functional way.

Pam’s sessions are safe, grounded and practical. You will find that her communication style is honest and delivered from the heart.

In session you will experience:

  • Guided breath and visualization exercises will open your body to higher vibration of love, truth and manifestation.  Pam will take you through breathing and empowerment exercises to access the lightness in your soul.
  • Meditative state of consciousness will clear your body and mind to produce a state of calm. You may also feel guides and positive presence in the room.  Sessions produce a deeper state of relaxation and self awareness.
  • Higher Guidance will open and clear you so that the negative energies can leave and the positive thoughts and feelings can take hold.
  • Communication with higher spiritual energies, spirit guides, angels will clear away any potential blocks that may be holding you back and process any negative interference causing dis-stress.  Pam will communicate with spiritual energies to remove interference such as doubt, fear, and insecurities.


Pam uses her intuition to clear your chakras and align your energetic flow.  Guidance can be delivered for you to heal and gain clarity.

Dr. Pam has over 20 years of experience with Energy Medicine, she is the founder of Advanced Energy Training (AET).  Pam began her journey as a Chiropractor, Yoga Instructor and Transformation Coach and while practicing and training Pam realized that her life purpose involved channeling higher spiritual energy as a medium to help her clients access a more positive life.  All of Pam’s sessions are designed for your specific needs. However, Dr. Pam believes that almost everyone right now needs clearing and protecting from lower vibrations on a regular basis.  We are being called to clear away the negative energies and transfer these energies into positive vibrations.


Available sessions October 6, 2017 at 9:00am and 1:00pm-5:00pm
All sessions begin with a phone consultation for booking and intake

To schedule Click Here or call 315-939-0813 for more times

Pam can also be reached at drpamdenton@gmail.com

 Pam specializes in performers, messengers and healers helping
these professionals stay 
clear and manifest prosperity. 

For more information visit Pam at www.pamdenton.com


October 6, 2017
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


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