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karma yoga, Reflections Center for Conscious Living, yoga NYC, yoga in hells kitchenHello, I am Julia Morgantini, karmi yogi/work exchange person at Reflections. I am new to the studio, having started my internship in January. I am also new to yoga, and am loving the Bare Bones Basics and the Restorative yoga classes. Outside of the studio, I am a clairvoyant reader and spiritual healer, who specializes in transformative healing, female creative energy, and teaching basic energy tools. I am also an actor, director, and writer.

I work with energy every day and these days I have been practicing what’s called “a body of glass,” that is when someone throws negative energy at you, instead of resisting or giving up your space to that energy, you are clear like glass and it goes right through you. And, I relearning how to say hello to energy. So instead of trying to get rid of something or solve something, you just see it for what it is and discern the quality, texture, color, words of that energy.

Miraculously, the energy shifts without having to do anything about it. As a result, these old stuck energies that have been sitting in my space for years, are beginning to move out. Who knew it could be so simple! As we approach spring, I am enjoying the lightening up that I am experiencing.

Julia Morgantini