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In any given year we can reflect back on our year and recant our experience, both good and bad. Yoga, in its many forms, has helped me to gain a deeper understanding and more importantly, acceptance of life’s inevitable shifts.
No one is exempt from experiencing both the beauty and the challenges that life has to offer. The Yoga Sutras explains this so elegantly through the dance of the Gunas. The continuous movement of light to dark and back again. When we can truly see that nothing is wrong, but that both sadness and happiness are inherent in the cycle of life, the challenging times become richer in their lessons and the gifts more precious in their beauty. Knowing that my life is as magical as the changing of day to night, or as beautiful as the turn of the seasons, offers me deep peace and the knowledge that I am part of something much bigger than my particular life situation.
We are both massive and very small. When we can find the wisdom to simply let it be, we can see the innate beauty in everything.
I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your incredible love and support this year. Reflections continues to grow with many new and exciting ways for our community to find their path, their own voice as we all walk this amazing journey of life.
Whether it be in our teachers training, our philosophy,dance or nutrition classes, We are here to explore it all. Please continue your input on our blog. We are excited to make it a place where you can get useful information and tap into the bigger energy and love that is undeniably what Reflections is about.

Much Love and Happy holidays


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