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What if your un-loveable you was the part we liked the best?


I recently spent some quality time with a close friend. We cried, laughed and totally let our hair down. We got to know each other in a way that we hadn’t before. One night over a bottle of wine my friend told me that the part of me he liked the best was not my “with it” accomplished NYC yoga guru side, but the part of me that sometimes seemed frightened, unsure and vulnerable. One of the things he said went like this: “Spending time with you let me see you're not so slick. I like that so much more”.


This stuck with me. I couldn’t seem to wrap my mind around it. People pay me to know things. I am a teacher! That’s what teachers do… know things!  That’s why they like me… or perhaps not. Maybe they see both sides of me too. The part I think I’m hiding, that wants to make sense of it all… just like they do. Could they love the part of me that is “un-loveable”?! Then I thought, "Why wouldn’t they? It's always the part I love the most about them".
I have spent many years working with people to uncover their shadow sides and spent more time than that uncovering and learning to love my own. As “me and my shadows” walk together, I once again realize that the path is never- ending and along it are some very tender and sweet rays of light.

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