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When we increase consciousness we decrease the need for will or willpower.

As I was looking through my millions of notebooks one day, I stumbled upon this statement. It was so intriguing, I had to give it some thought. I began to think about the times I felt I needed to assert my will and what was behind that. What was the “power” behind my will and was it actually powerful or just something I have always done without question. If I stopped doing it what would have happened? What would I have done instead?

I guess it’s safe to assume that if you are applying your will you are striving for something you want but don’t yet have and inherent in that is a fear you won’t get it. Make sense?

The easiest tactic to getting what it is we want or at least the one that makes us feel most at ease is “doing” something about it. Making it happen, so to speak. This might or might not work, depending on the situation.

Okay, so I apply my will based on a fear that there is something I want that I don’t yet have and I am afraid I might not get. I will “do” anything as the doing keeps me busy and the busy keeps me less anxious and lord knows we all hate being anxious !!! Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

I thought about what I do when I want something I don’t yet have. I came up with a list of things that I do almost exactly in the same order every time.

I go to Barnes and Noble and get a book on the topic.

I then go online and read what I can, which is never very fruitful but it keeps me busy.

I find others who have done it and ask them tons of questions.

I take classes with people who have done what it is I want to do.

Essentially I fill my head with information.

Then I get really active in “trying” to make it happen. I make connections, meet all the right people, and so it goes. So what could be wrong with this??

Nothing! Except that all my actions were somehow based on a lack. I try because I am not there yet; I assert my will because I am demanding something I don’t have. I seem to always be running two steps behind what it is I want. What I am not doing is bringing a consciousness connection to this desire. I have not tried to understand it on its own terms; I haven’t even rested in the idea that I am supposed to have it but instead I’m running around trying to convince others and myself that I should.

If, in order to truly get what it is I am wanting, I need a resonance with that thing, how do I increase consciousness/resonance in order to decrease a need for will or willpower?

This is what has worked for me (and quite honestly, it starts with the list above, though I don’t think it is actually necessary once I get better at what I am about to explain…):

At some point, I decide to meditate on what it is I want. I try to call it in to understand its vibration and since everything on the planet has a specific vibration, this is not too crazy. What I am doing at this point is closing that two step gap I mentioned before and feeling the want as a part of who I am. Feeling it takes it out of thought and makes it a part of the present moment and my real life experience.

In this process all of my fear and feelings of unworthiness come up. I get to look at each fear and decide if it is true or not. I look at why I choose to believe the fear and I also get to really see if I want what I say I want. When I have thoughts I try to use them for the good of what I am wanting in that I imagine it already happening. I make it consciousness and what leaves is the doubt. Not to say it doesn’t pop up again — but inside of this real connection I can look at it without the need to assert anything but instead say: “ahh, you again my old and doubtful friend. Do you have any use here?” and if it doesn’t, it seems to float away.

Then I live my life as if it already happened. For me the deal is closed and I am just waiting for the final papers to be signed. I try not to get anxious about it if it takes longer than I’d like. Instead, I get connected to it. I continue to resonate with it and try to understand and even harmonize with it more and look at what the benefits of waiting might be.

I can honestly say that I have gotten everything I have truly wanted and the things I didn’t get, I was so very thankful for not getting — in retrospect, I actually didn’t really want it or believe it would have happened. I do believe we are that powerful when we align with out body, mind and spirit. In fact, I will be so bold as to say that I know we are.

This can work for any and every thing: Getting a job, finding a proper union, selling or buying a home, having a child –  anything that feels outside of you that you want to be in your life. Why not practice with something small and see what happens? Trust that life is filled with wonderful gifts, if we choose to see it that way.