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"If you want to be sad, no one in the world can make you happy.  But if you make up your mind to be happy, no one and nothing on earth can take that happiness from you."

– Parahamsa Yogananda

We are approaching the last days of 2011, and what a year this has been for us both individually and collectively.  One thing I think that we can all agree on from this year is that change is inevitable.  Nothing material lasts forever, yet there is a part of us that is eternal.  The popular yoga mantra, "Om Namah Shivaya", meaning "I bow to Shiva, the deity of change and destruction", reminds us that not only is change inevitable but it is is necessary.  As we bow to change, we bow to the Unknown.

Bowing to the Unknown can be frightening, that is why most people don't do it.  We want to have a sense of "knowing" – "knowing" that our paychecks will be directly deposited every 2 weeks, "knowing" that on Tuesdays and Fridays we go to spin class, "knowing" that we eat dinner at 6:30p, and so on.  We seek "knowing" even though nothing is guaranteed.  We want to be in control of this life, and the truth is that we are in control.  But not in the way that we "think" we are.  We are "not" in control because we plan out every single hour of the day with things to do, we are in control because we surrender to not controlling.

One simple way to surrender to the Unknown is to choose happiness.  Happiness expands, whereas sadness contracts.  As we choose happiness, there is no telling where we may go or what we may feel.  As we near the end of 2011, make some time to write a list or journal about some of your happiest moments.  Spend some time recalling all the joy that you have to be thankful for amidst change.

Sagittarius:  Tis the season of Sagittarius, and while you do have the Sun in your house of self lighting up potential and movement to come into your highest self, you also have Mercury retrograding through this house till 12/13.  So you may be experiencing some roadblocks in getting motivated.  Use this time for self care; sleeping late, reiki treatments, juicing, and moving slowly.  Be gentle with yourself.  One Mercury turns direct, things will be moving fast, so take delight in these moments now.
Capricorn: The beginning of the month may feel slow and you may even find your dreams being very bizarre or lucid.  You have Venus lighting up your first house so you may be feeling a bit romantic or just appreciative of beauty.  This is not often a luxury that you give yourself hard-working Capricorn!  Give in to the beauty and romance, have fun!
Aquarius: This month you are also bound to be experiencing Mercury Retrograde in your house of social affairs and friendships, which for you as an Aquarius is everything!  You may notice getting together with people is more difficult than usual, or that just being social is feeling challenging.  Use December as a month to reflect, be quiet, and pay attention to your dreams!
Pisces: With Uranus turning direct in your house of income on 12/10, you may receive some surprise checks or offers to make money this month.  The past few months, you may have felt a big foggy on what it is that would make your happy income wise.  Now you may be feeling clear once again.  Use this clarity to take risks.
Aries: With Uranus moving direct in your house of self on 12/10, you are about to get an extra jolt of cosmic energy toward any work that is aligned with your highest potential.  With Uranus moving directly, you cease to care what others think and you are ready to express yourself authentically, and that makes you UN-stoppable.
Taurus: Pay attention to your daydreams and all coincidences.  Nothing is a coincidence, everything is a message to you.  Receive the messages!  You have Jupiter still in your 1st house, and now with Mars in your house of romance and play, this could be a very serendipitous time to meet a lover!  Enjoy!
Gemini: This month may start off feeling a bit challenging in your partnerships and relationships.  You might be feeling misunderstood or like no one is hearing you, probably a sign of Mercury Retrograde.  Once Mercury turns direct on 12/13, you will enjoy clarity in your communications in partnerships and relationships, and you may even turn some of your most challenging relationships into your most pleasurable ones!
Cancer: The beginning of the month is a great time to focus on your health.  Perhaps a new commitment has your working late or early.  Make sure that you are getting enough fresh water, sleep and nutrition through food daily.  Once the Sun moves into Capricorn on 12/21, your focus may shift in trying to make a romance work into a relationship.  Remember it takes 2 to tango!
Leo: With Mars in your house of income and self worth, it seems like you might be starting to REALLY take your dreams seriously!  The first step in making more money is WANTING to make more money, and this month you are ready to put your dreams into action to make money.  Pitch your stories or ideas, or perhaps re-visit projects from the past.  Say yes to yourself, and no one will be able to say no.
Virgo:  This month we have Mars in your first house.  Mars is the warrior and passion planet, and when in your first house, gives you the energy to assert yourself and get things done.  Mars will be in your first house over the next few month so perhaps think of some things that you have been wanting to get done, and chart out some action steps, Mars will help you.  Also expect lots of passion!
Libra: When Uranus turns direct in your house of relationships, it may be time to shake off some of the attachment you have had to conventionalism, and embrace the non-conventional ways.  Perhaps you have met someone you thought you would have never fallen for, or someone who doesn't make "any" sense for you.  Life is not about convention, it is about what is.
Scorpio: With Mercury retrograding through your house of self income and worth , you may notice that "old" patterns of dysfunction in regards to self esteem are coming up.  You may be questioning your value and your self worth.  You deserve everything that you desire and you are not forgotten.  Remember that once Mercury moves directly on 12/13, this will bring light into this area and help you to shed any dysfunction.

Kali Shirley Johnson, native New Yorker and Los Angeles-based, is a student of metaphysics. She has been studying astrology since the tender age of 5 years old and is thankful to share her love for the celestial bodies. She is available for Astrology Counseling, Reiki Healing, and Yoga.  For more info or to join her mailing list, please go to