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If the month of December were a person, I would be moved to describe them as intuitively-driven and spending time with their true self. And in fact this may be a good way to start December; with self inquiry and self-exploration. Especially since on December 10, Mercury (planet of communication; speaking, writing, traveling) goes into retrograde and can possibly seem to complicate some areas of our life. Yogi Amrit Desai wrote: What you believe to be your self is actually your self-image, your acquired concepts, belief systems, ideals and goals. You identify so intimately with your self image that everything you think is “me” or is happening to “me” is really happening to your concept or image of yourself. This month before the Holi-daze begins, take some time to distinguish between your self and your self-image. As you begin to go to holiday parties, eat holiday foods, and shop for gifts, can you distinguish which part of you is nourished by these activities and what part is not? Is it your self or your self image? The beginning of December asks us to ground ourselves with pragmatism and to be honest about what is going on around us and how we feel about it. Our emotions and our inner states are speaking to us, what are they saying? New moon occurs on December 5, in the sign of Sagittarius. December is generally ruled by Sagittarius, the sign represented by the centaur which is half-man and half-horse. In this way the Sagittarius energy is often dually felt; we feel the desire to seek knowledge (man) and we feel the desire to seek adventure and movement (horse). This month there may be feelings of wanting to shift your work into a new area. For example, you may be working in healthcare, and have been working with the elderly and are now feeling you want to work more with women in childbirth. Honor the feelings and be open to the adventure of change within this area. Mercury goes retrograde on December 10 in the sign of Capricorn, and may bring up some issues with ourselves that we have been pretending do not exist. Perhaps you finally acknowledge how you feel about yourself and accept that there are areas of tension within your persona. This will be a great time to realize there is a difference between the self and self-image. Mercury retrograde can give you the space to explore these areas of conflict and create space to release them so that you can move in a more confident and truthful manner in your actions. This can serve you very well, especially as you may be put in more heavy social situations over the month that may test your ability to stay grounded amongst conflict, uprisings and change. Staying grounded through the changes and conflicts does NOT mean resisting them, instead it means walking through them and feeling them with your whole self. As you stay grounded, you gain more clarity about your self and your surroundings. The end of December ends 2010 and starts 2011 with a fresh and clean start. You CAN have anything you want! Let your clarity guide you into the New Year to set the intentions and have the courage to live your life fully and authentically! To read more: To set up an astrological counseling appointment to guide you into the New Year: