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Corrective Yoga & Functional Movement- The Spine

Lead Instructors: Paula Tursi, Stephen Horney, Karl Eichenfeldt

Credits: 1.9 NASM/15 AFAA CEU

Reflections Yoga has joined with Integrated Health Sciences to create Anatomy for Corrective Yoga and Functional Movement.
Wouldn’t it be great to be able to apply yoga or physical therapy (or a combination of the two) as needed
with a strong understanding of what it is and why it is necessary?
Reflections Yoga together with Integrated Health Sciences will help you gain the confidence and knowledge to do just that! With 50 years of combined experience, Stephen Horney, Karl Eichenfeldt, and Paula Tursi will share with you how to add PHYSICAL THERAPY principles into your yoga practice or YOGA to your training routine, giving you an educated and competitive edge. We will show you where these disciplines come together to make an integrated approach with STRENGTH, STABILITY, and MOBILITY and a clear understanding of how the body works. You will be prepared to share valuable insight with your clients and in your classes. Our collaborative approach addresses structural problems caused by daily behaviors and habits, offering hands-on tools that you can use in classes and private settings.
Yoga Instructors – you’ll take your teaching skills to the next level by recognizing and addressing common problems and misalignments. Designing structured sequences and workshops to heal and empower your students. Incorporating specific corrective strengthening exercises. Learning how to creatively use props: blocks, balls, bands, etc. Learning how to work with specific populations such as athletes, the elderly, and those in corporate/private settings. Acquiring conversational knowledge of medical terminology. Developing a lens into somatic movement. Gaining a deeper understanding of functional anatomy. Being able to answer a client’s question as to why a particular pose is being chosen for them.
Learn to innovate, modify and correct poses based upon each person’s needs, past medical history and prior pathology Confidently use appropriate pre-yoga tissue prep including soft tissue release, stretching, and neuromusculoskeletal re-education? Personal Trainers, Pilates Instructors, Wellness Providers – you will walk away with: Knowing how to perform and teach 5 basic yoga positions Increase your clients mobility by confidently using basic yoga techniques Learn principles of balance taught from thousands of years of experience Have a greater understanding of anatomy and physiology so you can answer your clients more detailed questions Learn to adjust your training programs appropriately for your clients past medical histories Sequence your training so that each exercise is appropriate and builds for a safer and more effective training session for you and your client


Each Day: 9am to 6pm – 15 min break in the morning & afternoon – 1 hour lunch break
  • Planes of the body: How we use them and how we don’t
  • Joint ranges of motion and what they do and shouldn’t do
  • Major bones of the axial skeleton, and how they apply to movement
  • Major muscles of the axial skeleton and how they apply to movement
  • Common issues of the spine or axial skeleton and how you can use PT and yoga exercises to unlock the potential of the neuro-musculoskeletal system
  • All teaching will be utilizing yoga poses as examples
Day 1 (Thurs)
Day 2 (Fri)
Day 3 (Sat)
Day 4 (Sunday)
Basic Yoga
Corrective Exercise
Stephen and Karl
Stephen and Karl
Stephen and Karl
Please note that this course is designed for all health and wellness providers who are interested in obtaining a deeper understanding of anatomy and pathology. It is open to certified 200-hour YTT graduates or certified body workers.