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Corporate Wellness Programs

Want to offer a wellness program at your office, but not sure if your employees will go for it? Bring us in for a lunch-and-learn or one hour of chair massage at ½ price.

Wellness is not a luxury, it’s an investment.



Yoga and massage can:

  • combat stress.
  • decrease employee illness and sick days.
  • increase well-being and morale.


Here are FIVE ways your employees can benefit, at our studio or in your office:

  • Enroll with us at no cost to you, and your employees can receive a 10% discount on in-studio yoga class packages and massage.
  • Onsite one-hour yoga classes (see below).
  • Onsite 30-minute Relax and Rejuvenate classes, in a chair or on a mat, with no clothing change necessary.
  • Onsite chair massage, to relieve the stresses of repetitive movement and a seated lifestyle.
  • Onsite breathing and/or meditation classes.



There is no minimum number of participants, and the maximum is dependent only on space. Corporate classes can be held in conference rooms, workout rooms, or empty office spaces, and can be invigorating workouts or relaxing tune-ups, depending upon your needs. You can schedule classes any time from 6:30am to 8:30pm, and choose a duration from 30 to 90 minutes. Classes are most effective when run as a regular weekly series for a minimum of 10 weeks.



The Yoga Beginner 10-Part Series is a good introduction for newcomers. We’ll give practical information for keeping the body free from pain and stress. Our instructors address some typical maladies including carpal tunnel, foot and knee pain, stress, and breathing issues.

Space-saver Chair Yoga incorporates chairs for sitting and as props to help stretch the body. Your employees will work on breathing techniques and common workplace alignments, and the class is appropriate for students of all flexibility levels whether they have prior yoga experience or not. Requirements: Chairs

Yoga Mat Class: This class can be an invigorating mix of cardiovascular stimulation and flexibility, or, depending on your needs, it can be a deep, slow-moving stretch. The invigorating version requires some flexibility and will take your employees who have at least a year of experience deeper into their practices through more challenging postures (with plenty of variations and modifications as necessary). They will sweat! In the slower, stretchier version, your employees will use breath both to support movement and to find new depths in their postures. Requirements: Yoga mats, workout clothes and floor space

In our Pilates Class, your employees will be taken through a series of low-impact movements for flexibility, muscular strength, and endurance. Our instructors will emphasize proper postural alignment, core strength, and muscle balance.

Chair Massage Wellness is not a luxury. It’s an investment! Prevention is the key to wellness. A calm, quiet, and peaceful mind can bring the body from a place of stress, worry, and anxiety to a place of strength, vitality, and health. Seated chair massage is designed for the busy person, and takes place fully clothed in less time than a table massage. For 10-15 mins, our skilled therapists will focus on neck and shoulder pain, lower back issues, and the other physical culprits of workplace discomfort.

In the corporate Body Awareness class, your employees will learn how to turn everyday movements such as sitting, standing, and walking into gentle, yet effective mindfulness exercises. Using cutting-edge mind-body techniques, they will learn to achieve and maintain a state of physical comfort even as they work!

Executive One-to-One Coaching is a positive and proven approach for helping to explore goals and achieve them. Coaching is a powerful way to help people develop their abilities and improve performance. Address challenges before they become problems! These sessions are customized based on the individual’s or organization’s needs, and will enhance skills, resources, and creativity.

Stress Management and Team Building through Connection, Creativity and Play sessions enrich office culture, relieve tension, teach new tactics for managing stress, and improve team dynamics through interactive, structured exercises that will engage new patterns of relating, thinking, and problem solving. Using facilitated activities, “games” challenges, and communication exercises, participants will discover greater connection with one another while accessing new ways of working together. These workshops can be organized with a variety of foci: Collaboration, Creativity, Applied Arts, Creative Drama, Interpersonal Dynamics, or Communication, and they are available from 30 minute lunch sessions to multi-day enrichment workshops.

$175 per session for 10 sessions or more
$250 one time class

Traditional payment models include:
*The company pays the full amount
*The employees share the cost amongst themselves
*The company and employees split the cost

Please contact us to set up your session. or 212.974.2288


Increase energy

Reduce back and neck pain

Relieve stress and anxiety

Reduce sick days

Improve mental focus and concentration


Enhance communication skills

We have partnered with Paula and Reflections Yoga for over 8 years, to bring Yoga at Work to our employees.  Our employees here at the Church Pension Group love the special attention they get from Reflections Yoga and the relationship they have built with the instructor.

Learn more about the classes we offer

Relax & Rejuvenate

— Tools for Concentration and Breathing

Relax & Rejuvenate

For a healthy body, calm mind, and long life

(30 minute)

Employees are led through a series of breathing exercises to increase motivation, enhance mental focus, and evoke clarity. Through the use of visualization and concentration techniques, they will learn how to effectively listen, articulate, and collaborate in highly stressful situations.

Desk Yoga

Desk Yoga

Sitting right can change your life

(45 minute)

This class addresses ergonomics of daily office life. It will teach your employees how to use their body correctly and to avoid pain. Specific guided instruction will be given on proper body alignment to prevent injury, increase stamina and foster flexibility. The focus of this class is seating alignment and it is appropriate for all flexibility levels. No prior yoga experience necessary.

Onsite Group Yoga or Stretch

— Become stronger, brighter, more confident

Onsite Group Yoga or Stretch

Align your body, focus your mind

(55 minute)

This yoga mat sequence helps individuals of all levels enjoy the benefits of stretching, proper breathing, and strengthening. It’s a great afternoon or evening class, as it elevates focus and revitalizes the body.

Individual Yoga Instruction

Individual Yoga Instruction

One-to-one instruction. Learn how to heal what ails you

Our experienced yoga therapist will visit your office and treat people one-on-one, addressing specific ailments that prevent a happy and healthy work day. This is also a great first step for those who are nervous about attending an open class.

Each session is roughly 10-15 mins in length, with a two hour minimum.

Massage for the Busy Person

Massage for the Busy Person

Fix it Quick – Neck, Shoulder, & Back Relief

Our experienced therapist will come to your office and conduct a massage designed to relieve problems associated with repetitive desk & keyboard movement. It does not require the client to disrobe, and is completed in less time than a table-style massage.

This massage is conducted in a chair built specially for massage (which we provide). Each massage is roughly 10-15 mins in length, with a two-hour minimum.

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