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One month ago I was my story. I was an olympic athlete, a world class aerial skier, a Cirque du Soleil acrobat, a world traveler, single and alone. Amongst all this craziness I had lost myself and my worth.

Paula not only taught me the true value of yoga and its ability to restore and heal pretty much anyone with correct application and alignment, she taught me how to love myself again.

The knowledge she has helped me gain over the year about the human body is second to none, but it's not just the knowledge that makes her so special and unique, it's her ability to love boundlessly. Her dedication, love and compassion are the true teacher.

I come away from this teacher training with more then I ever imagined. Thanks to Paula, I am a great yoga teacher but the biggest thing I come away with is contentment, love, and compassion for myself. I know there will be many hard times ahead of me, but through those hard times I will put into practice what I learnt from Paula, and all the beautiful people I had the honor to share this experience with. I will always honor myself with love and compassion so now I know I can get through anything.

Only words of advice: Trust the process!