sun saluteI’m often asked why one would one would choose a yoga retreat for holiday trip. There are many reasons to choose a yoga retreat. I have always been a traveler. While travel is always interesting and rewarding, sometimes it’s not very relaxing!  A yoga holiday enables a person to take time out from their everyday stresses. It offers the opportunity to spend time on reconnecting with yourself. Adventurous excursions like touring The Coliseum are certainly wonderful, but quieting mind while connecting with your body can be life-changing—especially  against a picturesque landscape.

Why and Where

When its time to take a holiday for me, I’m typically already burnt out! A yoga vacation is an ideal way to relax and reboot. It is a great time to change some bad habits both externally and internally, and get both your body and mind back on track.

As a retreat host, I am sure to pick a beautiful location in regions you might not think to travel on your own. There is no better place to heal than in the deep embrace of mother nature. That’s why I tend to pick beautiful locations slightly off the beaten path.

What to look for

During your retreat there should be opportunities to enjoy a wide range of holistic treatments which foster rejuvenation and your physical and mental well-being.

There are fun day excursions offered. Using our upcoming Tuscany retreat as an example, we will be offering not only meditation—but also a cooking classes and trips to the local museums ! There are always myriad fun things to do such as zip lining, hiking, and even thermal baths! Of course, you can also simply choose to relax with a good book. It depends on your heart’s desire.

Who will be there

Another great plus to these exotic transformations is that you can go alone. It’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded people. In my experience, many people come solo in the hopes of making new friends.

Which retreat is right for me 

Not all yoga retreats are created equal. You should do a little investigating to be sure you are picking the right one for you. Some retreats will focus on the physical body, while others are aimed at transforming your mental and spiritual well-being. Some hosts promote a vegetarian diet, or maybe refrain from alcohol—while other retreats are a week-long party with some yoga! All these experiences are wonderful, but it is important to pick the one that works for you. Don’t feel shy, ask the questions!

The logistics

There are some logistical considerations you want to know as well.

Do you need a visa?

Will I be sharing a room—and with how many people?

What time does the day start and end?

Am I expected to participate in all of the activities?

Do you consider TV, internet, and AC necessities?

Can you get money easily from a bank or ATM?

What is included in the price (how many meals, transfers to an from hotel and if not what is the a cost, tips, what if any are the additional cost of the day trips, will there be a group dinner at the end and is there an additional cost for this)?

What is not included in a retreat package can add up quickly. Sometimes it’s better to pay a higher price upfront and not have the worry when you get there. Remember, you are on this trip to get zen. There is nothing like an unforeseen several-hundred dollars on your bill to make all that inner-calm disappear!

The take-aways 

Stress is a major contributor to illness and overall poor wellbeing. Attending a well-designed yoga retreat offers techniques that you can take with you after the trip is over (and continue at home).

You will be asked to look inward and discover how you might have been driving your life off course. You will come away with brand new tools to put in back on track.

Often after you return home, you will be greeted with “wow you look great! You look ten years younger!”

These are just a few of my favorite reasons to choose a yoga vacation. The foundation of any good yoga retreat is rejuvenation of the body, mind, and soul—anything else is simply a fantastic added bonus!