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astrology mar 2014“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung

March, just like January this year, has 2 new Moons.  The first New Moon is in the sign of Pisces [water, imagination, intuition, fish, dreamers] and the second New Moon is in the sign of Aries [fire, actions, beginnings, passion, warriors].  Most of March is ruled by this Piscean energy and I believe that this energy is necessary in order to step into Aries energy for the spring.

March 20th is the Spring Equinox, the first day of spring.  This means that winter is over, and that we are moving toward Summer or the longest day of the year.  Despite warmer temperatures, we (in the Northern Hemisphere) are still in winter time.  The winter time is often seen as less valuable in our modern day society because we tend to not be seasonal creatures anymore.  However the winder time invites us to truly awaken.  The bears hibernate during the winter – they nest and rest – and enter the summer rejuvenated and healthy.  

I believe that the most valuable inner asset to an individual is knowing themself.  It is knowing their behavior, their body, their desires, and their dreams.  Sometimes to know ourselves, we have to hibernate.  We need to attune inward toward our inner landscape and direct some dedication to what we are doing.  That doesn’t mean that we ignore the outer landscape, but I think it means that we prioritize the inner one.

The Pisces days are days of intuition, dreams, and incredible insights.  But we can’t receive any of those if we do not create the space in our minds and schedules to.  Devote the beginning of this month to self care and going inward.  Use this New Moon to awaken.

Important March Astrology Dates:
March 1: Pisces New Moon + Mercury Moves Direct
March 6: Venus Moves Into Aquarius
March 16: Virgo Full Moon
March 17: Mercury Moves Into Pisces
March 20: Spring Equinox, Sun Moves Into Aries
March 30: Aries New Moon
New Moon Horoscopes (Read BOTH for Sun and Rising Signs):
Pisces: With the completions of the retrogrades and the Sun in your sign, you are feeling a renewed sense of hope.  Perhaps you are finally feeling some inner relief about some situations.  Use this  hope to take risks and step into the direction you want to go into.
Aries:  Use the energy of this New Moon to make conscious room in your life for introspection.  Look at your own actions, not the actions of others, but your own.  Own your actions, own your feelings, and release the need to blame others.  
Taurus:  You may be called into various circles and groups this month.  You are popular and enjoying the attention and momentum.  Def enjoy the socializing, but please ensure that you are taking time for quiet and not overextending yourself.
Gemini:  The Pisces New Moon lands in your 10th house.  If you have a career that involves camera (being in front of or behind the lens), there could be an invitation to further explore that career and land some major work.
Cancer:  It is time to expand and grow.  Whatever is holding you back or keeping you small has got to go – whether it is a person, job or habit – this month is going to challenge you to get big, and you may not realize how much that is going to require.
Leo:  This could be a very challenging time of year for you.  You may be feeling like you are walking through the wilderness of the Unknown, and perhaps you truly are.  As you walk through the Unknown, make space to enjoy it and to find delight through it.  You must do that for yourself.
Virgo:  The Pisces New Moon is in your house of relationships.  If you are in a romantic relationship, make time to re-vision your identity as a unit.  Take the time to dream together – what do you all want together and how can you all support one another?
Libra:  This is the time of year to get into a routine for your Libra.  But this month, do not think of only routines for when you sleep and what you eat, but also routines around your self care.  Set a routine for your spiritual practice (whatever that is) and follow it daily.
Scorpio:  Have fun with yourself this month.  Enjoy taking yourself on dates, cooking yourself dinner, and painting in the park.  Having fun with yourself allows you to hear yourself and know yourself on another level.
Sagittarius:  It’s time to focus on the home.  Perhaps you have been travelling a bit or just spending a lot of time at work.  Commit to more time at home this month, to nurturing this space into more than just where you sleep at, but into a revitalizing sanctuary.
Capricorn:  This month focuses on your 3rd house and your communication.  If you have been feeling like it communication has been difficult in the last month, it may be because of Mercury Retrograde.  This month opens up new lines of communication so do not be discouraged about the challenges of the past.
Aquarius:  The Pisces New Moon invites you to look at your self worth.  This would be a great time to have a conversation about a raise at work or to just create some healthy and loving affirmations toward your body.  Stay committed to loving yourself.
Shirley Kali Johnson, native New Yorker and San Francisco Bay Area-based, is a graduate student of psychology and teaches yoga and astrology. She has been studying astrology since the tender age of 5 years old and is thankful to share her love for the celestial bodies. She is available for Astrology Counseling, Reiki Healing, and Yoga. For more info or to join her mailing list, please go to