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"The first act of creation is always destruction." 
-Katherine Woodward Thomas
In Ancient Mexico, the goddess Mictecacihuatl presided over the Underworld and is known as the goddess of the Underworld or the goddess of death.  She was the protector of the bones, as the bones symbolized the link from the past and the present and the present to the future.  It was believed that the bones of the past gave way to the people of the present and that the bones of the people of the present would one day help to bare life for the people of the future.  In modern day Mexico, as well as in other Latin American countries and communities around the world, November 2 is known as La Dia de Los Muertos aka The Day of the Dead.  Goddess Mictecacihuatl is the patron Saint for this day when the living pay homage and celebrate the dead.
Even though death happens in many ways due to many causes, it is as sacred a transition as is birth.  In modern times, we tend to see death as a sad happening (which in fact sometimes it is), yet can we challenge ourself to see the sacredness in death?  Can we see how death in fact does not disconnect us from those who transition from the body, but create a new way of connection for us who still live in our bodies?

The month of November is ruled by the sign Scorpio and the planet Pluto.  Key words for Scorpio are Transformation, Change, Death, Rebirth, Taboo, Shadow.  As the days get shorter with less light, let us reflect on all the transitions that are occuring and find a way to see the sacredness in all the change and honor the newness that comes with the death.

Scorpio: It's birthday season and you may find the themes for this birthday are getting comfortable with adventure.  While your natural tendency is to embrace change and maybe look for change to be your muse at times, this birthday has a bit of Sagittarius influence and asks for your optimism in taking risks.  What have you been yearning to do?  The Full Moon in Taurus on the transformational 11.11.11 is in your house a relationships and partnerships.  Take your relationship to the next level!  
Sagittarius:  At the end of the month, Mercury begins to retrograde in your first house.  You may find yourself feeling challenged at expressing yourself or feeling misunderstood.  Use some time this month to find silence.  Take a day off email, facebook, phone calls, etc.  Make it a priority to get clear within yourself.
Capricorn: This month's full moon takes place in your house of romance, creativity, expression, and children.  Use this time in the middle of the month to return to your child like state.  Allow others to take care of you and to help you.  Remember that even though you are an adult now, you still have feelings and you dont have to know everything.
Aquarius: Venus is in your house of friendships and social engagement, so you might find yourself feeling extra appealing to new groups of people and perhaps even enjoying the invitations and exposure to new social scenes.  Mercury moves retrograde in this area on 11/24, which may bring some unexpected developments with social groups.  Allow yourself to be surprised.
Pisces:  Mars moves into Virgo on 11/10 into your house of partnerships and relationships.  With Mars, the planet of passion and action here, allow yourself to take action and go for what you want.  Skip the practical and neat ways, and just go in and get messy.  Disclose your feelings, take risks, take a clear stance on your desire.
Aries: This is a transformational month for you Aries.  November starts off with the Sun lighting up your 8th house, house of change and often times the areas in our life we do not want to give much light to.  What has been going on that you have not wanted to pay attention to?  What area in your life is dying, but you are resisting the death?  This month, notice the subleties of change and remember nothing lasts forever, not even the pain.
Taurus:  The full moon this month occurs in your 1st house of self.  This is a great time to reflect on who this self is and also perhaps to start new habits that are going to honor the fullness and richness of your authentic self.  This means self care, and putting yourself first.  Put the dance classes, yoga classes, and all the things you want to do first!  
Gemini: Mercury begins retrograding in your house of relationships towards the end of the month.  Don't take things with your partner personally.  Be gentle in your communications with other people.  Remember the power that you hold and how people value what you have to say.
Cancer: With the Sun and Venus both in your 5th house, area of romance, children, and expression you may find yourself playing with a new way of expressing yourself or a new hobby.  Perhaps you have been wanting to learn or take up a new craft, this is a great time to get that going.  You will appreciate beauty from unlikely places this month.
Leo:  At the start of the month, Mars is in your first house of self.  Perhaps you start of the month feeling and working from your assertion and passion.  You may notice a bit more fire in your presence and even a bit more of desire for passion in partnership.  When Mars moves to Virgo into your 2nd house, use this energy to spend a bit more time cultivating your craft and seeing your gifts multiply through this discipline.

Virgo:  Mars moves into your first house this month, and I see this as a powerful time to use your natural earth grounding with the fiery active energy of Mars.  If you know what you want, go for it!  This month, tap into your inner warrior and cultivate your courage.  Stand up for what you beleive in, and use your courage to lead people.  Embrace your power!
Libra:  This month's full moon takes place in your house of transformation.  This is a powerful time to let go of the people and situations that have take up lots of energy and gracefully say goodbye.  Allow other people's drama, stories, and needs no longer be the first priority in your life. 

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Kali Shirley Johnson, native New Yorker and Los Angeles-based, is a student of metaphysics. She has been studying astrology since the tender age of 5 years old and is thankful to share her love for the celestial bodies. She is available for Astrology Counseling, Reiki Healing, and Yoga.  For more info or to join her mailing list, please go to