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"I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders." – Henry David Thoreau

This month, we move into the fall season and towards a Virgo New Moon on Saturday September 15th.  Whether you live in a location where seasonal change is very apparent or not, what most people who have grown up in this country or raised children in this country can relate to is that September has a feeling of "back to school".  And right in accordance with astrology, September, the month that traditionally marks "back to school" is mostly ruled by Virgo which rules knowledge, work, and routine.  

As a child, I was praised for being "good" at school.  I liked learning, I liked my classes, and I felt confident.  However, having worked in the role of a teacher with children, I have come to learn that what determines a child's success in school is not what is going to determine their success in life.  Most of our schools preach a rhetoric around ability and working hard.  In fact, once we become adults, there is still somewhat pressure to work hard in order to be successful.  There is always an area where we can feel that we can work harder, and oftentimes we blame ourselves for not working hard enough.

This month, ruled by the sign of work and knowledge, Virgo let's reflect deeper into what work means.  I think about the Sanskrit word for work, karma.  Karma roughly translates into work, action, and also as the result of action.  Virgo is represented by a woman, and this woman is usually depicted carrying an ear of wheat in her hand.  This ear of wheat (also seen as corn sometimes) represents the seed.  It represents the idea that there is seed in all of our actions.  It is our actions that create the work, and it our actions that produce results.  In this way, no action is in vain, and each action matters.  Even if we study for a test and still get a C, the action of studying is NOT in vain.  We must remember that when we put our full heart and soul into an action, no one can judge it or put a mark on it.  

The energy of Virgo reminds us that our work is simply our actions.  Our actions our oftentimes the seeds to the fruit that shall bare.  Give your actions with love and trust, and let go of the expectation of pleasing another person or receiving a "high score". Trust that those actions you fully give have already born fruit to feed you and the world.

(Remember to read the horoscope for BOTH your sun sign and your rising sign!)

Virgo: The new moon this month occurs in your 1st house, the house of ego, personality, appearance and self.  With your natal Sun conjuct this new Moon, you may find yourself feeling inspired yet balanced.  You may have the tendency to want to immerse yourself in a project or goal, but can you balance yourself and instead of being focused on the end goal, gocus on each detail to this goal, and give your whole heart to each detail one by one.  Slow down and be where you are.

Libra: The new moon this month occurs in your 12th house, the house of your deeper consciousness.  The deeper conscious that lies within us is both empowering and scary to encounter.  In some ways, when we tap into this place we feel empowered to know ourselves at this deeper level, yetwe often feel fear that we may uncover something about us that scares us and confuses ourselves.  Pay attention to your dreams – write them, draw them, ponder them, but don't judge them or yourself.  Let them potentially be a seed for thought.

Scorpio:  The new moon this month occurs in your 11th house, the house of friendships, socializing and humanitarian causes.  With this new moon energy, it could serve you to extend yourself to new friends and spend time in circles that perhaps might be unfamiliar, but that feel mentally and socially stimulating.  Reach farther outside of your comfort zone, and plant the seeds of new friendships and interests.

The new moon this month occurs in your 10th house, the house of career and your life calling.  The energy of the new moon this month is asking you to further commit to your life's calling or universal career.  Your life calling is perhaps different than your daily work, sometimes they are the same.  But shift some focus from the daily work to the work or interests that fulfill your mind, body and soul.  Plant a seed of commitment towards further sharing and living this calling.

 This month's new moon takes place in your 9th house, the house of higher learning, philosophy and athleticism.  This new moon presents a great time to share yourself as both a teacher and a student.  Take something that you have been developing and begin to teach it.  Whether you teach it in an informal or formal setting, plant the seed of yourself as a teacher.  It it through teaching that we learn the most.

The new moon this month takes place in your 8th house, the house commonly known for "sex, death, and taxes" or for the places that we often want to keep hidden or hide from.  With the new moon in this house or areas hidden, the practice is to become aware of how your are hiding or what you are hiding?  What is it that you keep very private and do not want to share, and why is that?  What are you afraid of if this is revealed?  Know yourself and reveal yourself, your power comes in being transparent, not hidden.

The new moon this month takes places in your 7th house, the house of relationships, partnerships and marriage.  It takes a certain amount of trusting in our actions in this area.  Whereas the 7th house brings up a lot of fear of rejection for people as well as the exciting possibility of romantic relationship.  What seeds are you planting towards your current relationship or in preparation for your next relationship? Relationships become the result of the seeds we plant in our minds about our self. Look at the seeds you are have planted about yourself and and pull any weeds that are not serving your journey for love.

The new moon takes place in your 6th house this month.  The 6th house is the house of work and routine, and what a great place to be experiencing this Virgo new moon energy.  It's time to commit and to let your seeds harvest.  Whereas some of us may need to work on knowing that the harvest is come, what I challenge you to do is plant your seed and practice patience.  It takes rain, sun, wind and earth to nourish the seed.  Notice when you want to quit, notice and keep going.

 The new moon takes place in your 5th house this month.  The 5th house is the house of playfulness, children and creativity.  The seed of creativity is playfulness and the seed of playfulness lies in being.  How can you practice more being this month, and less doing?  Are you allowing yourself to play and create or are you only seeing the rat race and feeling an urge to participate?  Plant the seed this month to connect with your being – through dance, yoga, meditation, walks on the beach or whatever else moves you.

The new moon this month takes place in your 4th house, the house of the home, mother, and security.  Pay attention to the influences of your parents, or especially the person in the role of female caregiver.  Is she supporting you or is she supporting an idea of you?  Sometimes what is comfortable is not serving one's growth, even as it suggests an idea of safety.  The new moon this month encourages you to become aware of how your present concept of safety is serving you (or how it isn't).  Then your task is to act from there.

Cancer: The new moon this month takes place in your 3rd house, the house of siblings, communication and neighborhood.  Communication is a loaded term and to be intelligently communicating requires many actions.  Healthy and clear communication are the seeds of healthy relationships with yourself and with the world. The new moon here this month aids you in communicating honestly and with your needs.  Now what you must do is figure our what you honestly need, and then speak it.

Leo: The new moon this month takes place in your 2nd house, the house of earned income and self worth.  With the new moon in this area, how can you plant new income into your life?  This question may prompt you to write a list of resumes to update, companies to call, and pitches to make. Instead I ask you to dig deeper into the areas within you that feel non-deserving of money and income.  Instead of continuing to plant the seeds of this story, plant seeds of a new story, one in which you are deserving of money for your needs and to help others and your visions.  Plant seeds of self worth that also include self care and believing that you are worthy of being taken care of in an abundant way.

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Shirley Kali Johnson, native New Yorker and San Francisco Bay Area-based, is a student of transpersonal psychology, yoga, and astrology. She has been studying astrology since the tender age of 5 years old and is thankful to share her love for the celestial bodies. She is available for Astrology Counseling, Reiki Healing, and Yoga.  For more info or to join her mailing list, please go to