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Astrology + Love“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” ~ Lao Tzu
Important November Astrology Dates:
November 3: Scorpio New Moon + Solar Eclipse
November 5: Venus moves into Capricorn
November 17: Taurus Full Moon
November 10: Mercury Moves Direct
November 22:  Sun Moves into Sagittarius

Can life be possessed?  Oftentimes I hear and I say something similar to, “This is my life!”  That has become a popular mantra in our culture to posses life and to claim ownership of it.  We are taught that we have the power to control our lives and that we should do with it as we want.  What if we relinquished ownership or life, and instead of trying to control it with every inch of our energy, we surrendered and let life come through ourselves.  What if we devoted our self to life and to the adventure of life?  What if we trusted life enough to let life do as it does and to not judge it or fight it for what it’s doing?

We are programmed from a young age to believe we should want a certain lifestyle, and many of us strive for it, and then feel disappointed when it doesn’t happen the way it does in book and TV.  We get disappointed because we resist reality and because we don’t trust life.  We start to feel isolated and alone and sometimes even commit so much to resisting reality that we forget to see all of the opportunities and blessings along the journey.

November is Scorpio season, and Scorpio represents transformation.  Scorpio also represents the places that we try to hide.  We cannot hide from reality, and in fact hiding from reality does not help us to transform it.  Want to change something in your life?  Then look at it right in the face, get to know it, ask why it does what it does, and then true radical transformation can occur.  This month’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse want us to stop hiding ourselves from life.  It may even encourage us to allow life to live and to be a vessel of this sacred process.

This month’s New Moon Horoscopes focus on where we might want to spend some time looking at ourselves and bring the areas we are hiding from our self to the surface.
Scorpio:  It’s your birthday time of year Scorpio which means rebirth.  With this rebirth and celebration of yourself, you have the gift to really get clear about yourself.  What things do you keep secret?  What parts of you scare you?  What do you try to avoid dealing with everyday?  We avoid things and people that have great teachings for us.  Learn yourself and all is changing.
Sagittarius:  Okay Sagittarius, you are usually great about being liked by your peers and getting social invites, yet there may be a part of you that you are hiding in order to be in social good graces.  There may be a part of you that gets left behind when in the company of certain people.  Perhaps you swallow your thoughts on current day politics or you excuse yourself to the bathroom when the topic of gay marriage comes up.  Either way, it may serve you to just notice when you are doing that.  Keep track of what you are holding back.
Capricorn:  If you are keeping certain parts of your social life compartmentalized, this might be a good time to notice if you are doing that and if you want to change it.  Separating our different social groups from interacting with each other is often because we are behaving differently with each group.  Notice if you are doing that, and what you sacrifice in your personality to get along with each group.
Aquarius: Career is probably the most stressed identity we have in our modern society.  We often equate our self with the work that we do, and then if we stop working, then we can be tricked into thinking that our life is no longer valuable.  Take a look at how you chose your career.  Notice why you picked it and why you are sticking with it.  Notice what you are resisting about it.  The resistance is trying to tell you something.
Pisces: It is time to stop playing small in your life and get clear about what messages you are sending out with each of your actions.  Look at your actions – each of them.  There are hidden desires in some of these actions – perhaps some that you would never even admit out loud.  Take note of what you want, and ask yourself what is holding you back from it?
Aries:  Sometimes we do a great job of tricking our minds to believe something that is not actually true.  It is very easy to do through social media.  We post only the photos of us looking our best, and we paint a picture of our life being that way.  What parts of your expression and life are you not showing?  Very often, we think that we cannot show our sadness, anger, etc because they are “negative”, but where do those feelings go if we don’t show them?  They don’t disappear. Find them.
Taurus:  It is okay to have a different idea about relationships than the norm. When we have an issue in our relationship, it is often because there is a part of us that is not being expressed, and usually because we think we should not feel the way we do.  Get in touch with what you are feeling about relationships, and remember it is okay to feel whatever way you do.
Gemini:  In some ways our life is full of a bunch of tiny moments, they same way that our day and daily routine are filled with a bunch of tiny moments.  What are the moments that fill your day?  What are the moments that you talk about all the time?  What are the moments that you never discuss?  Start discussing them. 
Cancer:  Life is a creative force.  If we look around at nature, it is creating constantly.  We are the same way.  Anytime we are not feeling in touch with that creativity, it is due to a part of ourselves that we are denying.  How are you distracting yourself from your creativity and dreams?
Leo: You may have a tendency to be a party hopper and well known in your community, yet this New Moon is inviting you to spend some time at home.  Sometimes when we are always out and about, it is because we are subconsciously avoiding something at home or the discomfort of being by ourselves.  Notice the moments when you avoid being by yourself and be curious about those feelings.
Virgo:  We are always communicating, even when we are not speaking.  We communicate through silence, through talking, through our bodies, through gestures and movements.  Yet we tend to focus on the communication that comes from talking, probably because that is the communication we feel most “conscious” of.  This month notice how you communicate when you aren’t talking out loud.  This communication comes from the deep subconscious, and can teach you about yourself if you let it.
Libra: Practically this is a month to get clear on your finances.  Check all your balances, plan a budget, know how much money you have in your bank accounts.  Do not hide from your money, get close to it.  The more we hide from any reality, the more we are unable to change it.  As we get closer to it, we feel closer and vibrate with it on a more synched frequency.

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