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by Shirley Kali Johnson

"There are moments in moist love when heaven is jealous of what we on earth can do." -Hafiz

The month of May is ruled primarily by Taurus.  Taurus is the 2nd sign of the Zodiac and is represented by the Bull and is associated with the planet of Venus.  The identity of Taurus is, "I have" because Taurus is concerned with the earthly world. Taurean energy reminds and encourages to accept being human and of the world.

In a world where the news is more concerned with news that invokes fear, we have the energy of Taurus to remind us of all of the beautiful and delicious experiences we get to have as humans.  When constantly infused with fear, quite often humans begin to paralyze themselves.  We stop seeing the beautiful colors of flowers, we stop hearing the melodies of rain, birds and the ocean, we stop enjoying the tastes of our favorite delicacies, and we stop taking delight in the touch of another's skin touching our own skin.  When we paralyze ourselves because of fear, we stop feeling.  In fact we shut down out ability to feel and to let our senses be stimulated.

This month it is time to feel everything and find delight in it.  Take a break from worrying and avoiding life, and go out and take pleasure in it.  Find pleasure in each day – even in the smallest way.  Despite what much of modern media should have you believe, life is indeed very sweet and all it wants is for you to enjoy the sweetness.

Note: Planet Venus moves retrograde from May 15 – June 27, 2012 through the sign of Gemini.  These days for all signs may trigger challenges with beauty and looks, and is sometimes a period where astrologers advise folks to not do any drastic beauty or hair treatments or changes.  Additionally this may bring previous lovers or partners back into your life where you will receive closure 

Taurus:  It's the time when the Sun is in your sun sign, and just like the Sun, it is your time to SHINE!  Hold nothing back.  As you move forward through another solar cycle, get clear about what you want to represent in the world.  What do you want people to be attracted to within you?  Beauty?  Compassion?  Sense of adventure?  Now reflect on if you have been in fact being the person and energy that your heart and soul desires you to be.  Let this month be a time to experiment and be free.  Be who you were born to be.  There is no more time to play a small role in the play if you want to be the lead.  Audition for the lead role with confidence.  Jupiter, planet of optimism, internationalism and abundance, will align with the Sun in your first house giving you an EXTRA birthday brilliance and wish.  Wish big!

Gemini: May is a special month for you as well.  On May 20, we have the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in your sign of Gemini!  The Solar Eclipse will super charge the New Moon's energy in Gemini and give an extra streak of energy and life force to your life.  Most likely you are known for you ability to communicate, socialize, express yourself with charm and wit, and learn quickly.  You may find with the Solar Eclipse that these qualities are enhanced.  You may be more inspired, more witty, and more charming than ever.  Use the energy of this new moon for inspiration to commit to some new intentions and habits you would like to grow over the summer.

Cancer: The full moon in Scorpio on May 5 falls in your 5th house – house of creativity and self expression.  You may be experiencing an ending or a new cycle starting around this Full Moon time.  It might be a bit of a dramatic ending or beginning, but it will clear up the space in your mind to truly express yourself honestly and as the best version of yourself.  What have you been hiding from yourself?  Is there an area of your life that you refuse to talk about or expose?  Remember that exposing a wound allows it to heal, but keeping it covered and bandaged does not allow the wound to breathe and fully heal.  It is time to expose the wound(s) and learn to love yourself with these wounds.

Leo: The Sun and Jupiter are lined up in your 10th house for most of the month giving extra luck and perhaps some international influence on your career.  The 10th house is the house that rules your career, not your day to day work, but your career – what you aspire to do.  Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system, and with its presence in your 10th house, there is a possibility of good fotune regarding this area of your life.  Perhaps you may meet someone who wants to help you get where you are going or has a way to connect you to your dream job.  Stay optimistic and remember that everyone you meet is a potential friend!

Virgo: This month you have Mars going direct the whole month in your first house.  With Mars previously retrograding through Virgo during the bginning of 2012, you may have felt it was hard to get things started or to rev up your passion.  Now that it is direct again, you have an extra source of fire to ignite your dreams and personality.  Let your passion out in everything you do.  This may also be a great time to start a new and energizing workout routine or a diet that is going to give you more energy rather than make you feel sluggish.  Mars is the planet of passion, action and war.  It's energy is in motion, so you will need more stamina to be present in all the places that Mars wants to take you to.  Enjoy the ride.

Libra:  This month the Full Moon in Scorpio lands in your 2nd house of self worth and income.  This month it would be advantageous to seek some time to talk with a therapist, counselor, healer and release any of the frustration that you have around your self confidence and/or anything that makes you feel insecure and unsure around deserving money and income.  The Full Moon is helping to bring up some of these insecurities and emotions.  You might feel even somewhat sad around the Full Moon, but this is the celestial way of assisting you in releasing.  Nothing can be released to the ethers until you are aware that it is there.  You cannot release something that you in denial about.  This month, face the demons that you deny, and notice that they will shrink in their size.

Scorpio: Good news in the partnership area of your life.  This month you have Jupiter, planet of optimism, fortune and internationalism in your house of partnerships, relationships, and marriage.  If you are thinking what I am thinking, this could be a great month of meeting someone whom you will start a loving romantic relationship or business partnership.  It might even be someone from a different country, and also potentially someone tall or at least with  big presence!  Because this is going on in Taurus, please do not try to rush things.  You have to be patient with Taurus energy, trust that it will unfold things beautifully, but don't push at trying to make things happen in this relationship, know that it is there.

Sagittarius: Use the energy of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse of Gemini on May 20 to revive and begin to think about new business opportunities and partners regarding writing, publishing, teaching, and anything around community.  This New Moon and Solar Eclipse will most likely end some relationships (business, romantic, or other), but also encourage you to get clear about the kind of partnership that you want.  This time, choose the kind of situation that works for YOU!  No need to pick a circumstance that is convenient for others or because you want to help someone out.  Put yourself and your needs first.

Capricorn: This month starts with the Sun and Jupiter both in your house of expression and creativity.  If you have been working on anything related to art, theater or children, this can be a powerful month for taking a big step towards something that you have been working on for awhile.  Jupiter represents fortune, optimism and abundance.  Having this planet in the 5th house symbolizes largeness and suggests a large accomplishment or a goal that has large significance to you.  It is all happening for you, even if you cannot see it, be optimistic, and keeping working towards those goals.

Aquarius: The Full Moon in Scorpio occurs in your 10th house this month on May 5.  Scorpio is the sign of transformation and the cycle of life including birth and death.  The 10th house is the house of career and reputation.  This month's full moon may challenge you to let of some of the attachment that you have around a certain reputation or career title.  You may be thinking that this is the best that you can "have", but in fact there may be something else that wants to come through you.  A job may end or perhaps you may come to terms that the dream that you had about what you want is not truly what your soul wants.  Applaud the courage it takes to change directions and live from the soul.

Pisces: Mars, planet of passion, fire, and war is moving direct in your 7th house, after retrograding over the last few earlier months of 2012.  With Mars moving direct through Virgo in your 7th house, you may notice that your dating life starts to rev up a little more.  Be clear about what you want.  Use the energy of Virgo to get clear and specific about what you want.  You may think that the reason that things have not been "working" for you in this area of your life previously is due to something physical, but it is actually all connected to your clarity and sending a clear signal to the Universe.  Be real with the Universe, and the Universe will be real with you.

Aries: With the month starting with the Sun and Jupiter and your 2nd house of self worth and income it would serve you to know that this month you could potentially expect some extra income come your way.  At the same time income is a reflection of your own self worth.  So, notice how much extra income comes to you and think about what you believe you deserve.  Do you believe that you deserve more money from the Universe or do you believe that only once you get another degree, weigh a certain amount, or have a certain kind of partner that you will be worthy?  This month is a powerful month to look at some of these limiting beliefs that you let control your life in some ways.  At any point you have the choice to stop believing them, will you stop now?

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Shirley Kali Johnson, native New Yorker and Los Angeles-based, is a student of metaphysics. She has been studying astrology since the tender age of 5 years old and is thankful to share her love for the celestial bodies. She is available for Astrology Counseling, Reiki Healing, and Yoga.  For more info or to join her mailing list, please go to