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Towards the end of February, I began receiving a number of text messages, calls, and conversation, "What's going on in the Universe right now?…Is there something that is making my life crazy in the Universe?"  I notice these questions often surface during times of Mercury Retrograde, and indeed this March, we start off with planet Mercury in retrograde in Pisces as well as planet Saturn retrograding through Scorpio.  With both planets retrograding through water signs, this is a time to surely bring us in to touch with some of our unconscious and subconscious.  I find that retrogrades usually bring large amounts of insight (if we are open to it), and sometimes that insight is what we have been fighting to not hear or know.

I recently read a piece called Loving the Truth by AH Almaas, he writes:

There is a place in us that loves to know the truth, that wants, values, and appreciates the truth. Only inquiry inspired by this love can serve the functions of activation and transformation. If we inquire out of love to know the truth, our inquiry will naturally disclose the truth that we love to know.

The old adage says that the truth hurts.  I would like to refresh that adage into the truth heals.  But indeed the truth is not always easy to be with.  Retrogrades and water signs are full of truth.  In a world where we have lots of sciences, technologies, and ways to control the way we look, who we see, what music we hear, retrogrades remind us that we are not and cannot always be in control.  In fact, we are all susceptible to discomfort.  That is the truth.  

Retrogrades can remind us of our powerlessness, yet in our powerlessness there is power.  In our ability to surrender and to trust, lies our power.  In our ability to be with the discomfort and feel it and want to run away from it but staying with it, there is our power.  I like to think of retrogrades as an invigorating inversion practice that makes us look at the world upside down, feel our fears of falling, be laughed at, making noise, and then coming to childs pose and just being.  I wish you all a time of restoration, healing and truth this month.

March Astrology Dates:

March 11: Pisces New Moon

March 11: Mars Moves into Aries

March 17: Mercury Stations Direct (End of Technical Retrograde)

March 20: Sun Moves into Aries

March 21: Venus Moves into Aries

New Moon Mini-Horoscopes

Pisces:  This watery moon is in your first house, house of self and ego, alongside Mercury retrograding.  You may second guess your feelings and intuitions, even if you do second guess them, trust them.  You are especially insightful around this time.  Do not dismiss your dreams, fantasies and impressions that come to you – they are here to guide you and support you.

Aries:  It is important to remember that you are not a victim this month.  While things may seem difficult, confusing and disappointing, by thinking that these things are outside of you and placing blame on others or something outside of you, you deny your own power in experiencing these things.  Ask yourself, what is my responsibility in all of this?

Taurus:  The new moon is in your house of friendships and socializing this month, and even though you may feel very in touch with your emotions, notice your desire to withdrawal from community and find ways to be with friends and communities despite discomfort.  Allow yourself to receive the nurture of community and held by friends.  They want to hold you and nurture you.

Gemini: Changes in your job may be popping up this month.  Perhaps you are being promised a new role that has not surfaced or you are ready to leave work.  Be patient as Mercury also retrogrades through your house of career, along with the New Moon this month.  Take time this month to clarify what you want in work.  Create a vision board or do some journalism around your ideal career.  And then release into the Universe and trust!

Cancer:  Dear Cancer, first let me say that with 2 planets retrograding in your sister brother water signs, you may feel quite sensitive to all that truth that is being unraveled.  The task is to learn from the truth.  Not to blame the truth, not to deny the truth, not ignore it, but to learn and let your actions reflect learning.

Leo:  With the new moon in your 8th house, the house of that which is hidden, sex and transformation, this New Moon beckons you to surrender to transformation.  Transformation means that some of what has been or is hidden will be revealed regardless of you being ready.  Allow yourself to be vulnerable and not close up with the information and insight that you receive.

Virgo:  The New Moon is in your 7th house, the house of relationships, along with Mercury retrograding and planet Venus.  All of this points to gentleness.  Holding the relationship and your idea gently and with delicacy as though you were holding your heart.  Be careful with it, honor it, don't take it for granted, and allow yourself to learn from it.

Libra:  This month's New Moon encourages you to set a routine and give time and practice to your whole health.  While it may seem that you have a hard time to committing to it, keep recommitting.  Let everyday be a way to recommit to life and to living your most optimal life.

Scorpio:  Saturn is retrograding through your first house, and the New Moon is in your 5th house, house of play and romance this month.  So even though, there may be a tone of seriousness in your surroundings, find time to play!  Play, dance, paint, create, laugh.  While Saturn's energy may feel serious, allow time around the New Moon to let go and have serious fun!

Sagittarius:  With the New Moon in your 4th house, this is likely a sensitive time for you, as the 4th house can often represent areas around mother energy, support, nurture and sensitivity in general.  Notice where in your life you are being/feeling supported and perhaps where you are not feeling nurtured.  Use this New Moon to nurture yourself and practice speaking your needs.

Capricorn:  This month the new moon is in your 3rd house, as is Mercury's retrograde.  The 3rd house governs all communication, so this is a great time to practice patience in all communicating – emails, conversing, mail, etc.  Additionally take time with New Moon for quiet time of reflection and feeling what is up for you.  Instead of ignoring some of the feelings that may be coming up, be with them, and invite them into your consciousness.

Aquarius:  With the New Moon in your 2nd house, the house of worth, this New Moon invites you to take care of yourself and reconnect with your sense of self worth and deserving. Direct your energy, attention and intention toward your self this month, and nurture your soul and imagination.  


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Shirley Kali Johnson, native New Yorker and San Francisco Bay Area-based, is a student of transpersonal psychology, yoga, and astrology. She has been studying astrology since the tender age of 5 years old and is thankful to share her love for the celestial bodies. She is available for Astrology Counseling, Reiki Healing, and Yoga. For more info or to join her mailing list, please go to