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"My actions are my only true belongings. I cannot escape the consequences of my actions. My actions are the ground upon which I stand." 

~Thich Nhat Hanh

The word, karma, has come to be apart of everyday English language.  Karma is a Sanskrit word that translates into English as "action". Many people think of karma as "what goes around, comes around."  In some ways that is exactly what our actions do.  Our actions are what create time.  We understand time through the work, actions and deeds that we do, and it is that work and actions that create events over and over again through time.  This month as we approach the mid-point of the year is a great month to reflect on our actions from 2012 thus far.  What actions have you taken?  What actions are you proud of?  What can you learn from each of the actions that you took even if you were not happy with them?

Are the actions you take creating the life you dream of or are the actions you take re-creating the life that you have become comfortable with?

Statistics say that people break their New Years resolutions about 1 week into January.  Why is it so easy to abandon our dreams and resolutions?  It is simply because we have become comfortable with the way that things are.  Even if we don't like how things are, we can still feel more at ease with what we know than with what we do not know.  If struggling has become the mindset with which you are familiar and comfortable, then a lifestyle that is struggle-free can trigger fear, even if that is what we say that we want.

The month of June is primarily ruled by the sign of Gemini, and the planet, Mercury.  And this month, Jupiter transits into Gemini as well where it turns up every 12 years.  Gemini is an air sign that is known for it's mental facilities.  Gemini is known for it's quick-witted, quick-learning, and curious abilities.  Gemini reminds us of all the power of the mind to learn and grow.  Our mind is not a hindrance, but a tool for a full and empowered life.  But it is up to us to use our mind for that purpose.  When we merge our actions and our mind together, we are truly powerful and unstoppable.  Our mind is either our biggest helper in creating the life that we want or our biggest obstacle in creating the life we want.  

Gemini reminds us the power of our mind in our actions and also reminds us of the ease in which we can shift our mind.  Even if up until today, you have attached to one type of mindframe, it can all change tomorrow!  With Jupiter, the planet of good luck, fortune, optimism, internationalism, and abundance set to transition into Gemini on June 11, 2012 this is perhaps a reminder of the BIG gifts that we receive when we choose to create actions with mindfullness and optimism.

Gemini: Venus is still retrograding through your sign till June 27th, so even though this is your birthday/solar return time, you may want to hold off on any big purchases or style changes till Venus moves direct at the end of the month.  Jupiter moves into your sign on June 11th, and Jupiter encourages us to THINK BIG!  Jupiter is only in your sign once every 12 years for about a year.  So this month starts a new period of having the hand of Jupiter blessing your actions and thoughts.  Jupiter is the planet of fortune, optimism, and internationalism.  Jupiter is the physically largest planet in our solar system and so it correlates with largeness.  This next year is sure to be a year of growth and international influence! Stay optimistic! 

Cancer:  This month Jupiter will move from your 11th house of social interactions and friends into your 12th house of the subconscious.  This is an extremely important time to commit to clearing your mind and releasing habits, patterns and addictions that are contributing to a sense of suffering or pain in your life.  This month starts a time when your subconscious will have an extra powerful effect, and for that reason it is vital to fill your mind with with clear thoughts or at least to be aware of when you are actively thinking. 

Leo: June is the start of a very social summer for you, which as a Leo may not be anything abnormal, but you may notice that you are getting invites for new activities, groups and events that are truly stimulating to you and that may actually be inspiring you to to take action or want to commit to a certain humanitarian cause or effort.  Mars is in your 2nd house just for 1 more month, use Mars' power and energy to ask for any raises or get really into your fitness routine.

Virgo: Jupiter moves into your 10th house of career this month, and you have Mars in your 1st house of self and ego – this combination is probably giving you the fuel to be even more unstoppable and innovating at your work.  Or perhaps you are beginning to feel true confidence in your abilities and belief towards what you are working for.  With Jupiter in your 10th house over the next year, it is quite likely that you may get a higher position or that you will be working for a larger company or office.  Embrace the change, and know you have the abilities and celestial favoring to excel at that level as well.

Libra: If you have been thinking about going back to school or pursuing a graduate level degree, this would be a great time to start researching and pursuing that.  This is also a great time to start teaching and embracing the part of you that is already a teacher and stop shying away from that authority.  Jupiter, planet of growth and fortune, is moving into your 9th house this month.  The 9th house governs higher learning, philosophy, and scholarly activity.  Having Jupiter transit through this house encourages one to be apart of an educational system – as a teacher, student, admin, etc.  

Scorpio: With Jupiter moving into your 8th house of transformation, this is a powerful time to make choices that inspire trnsformation in big ways.  This is the time to look at your fers and the ways in which you hold yourself back.  Look at the ways that you stick to routine and safety, and know that over the next year you will be challenged to give up those routines and ideas of safety.  Remember that things will change either in a way where you make the choice or where the choice is made for you.

Sagittarius: Over the next year and starting this month, you ill see your romantic relationship or romantic area of your life grow.  Perhaps you will find yourself growing in wys that you never through you were going to romantically.  This month you may even start to think about marriage or committing more to a person that you care about.  The next year with Jupiter in your 7th house is a great time to for committing to a romantic relationship and also to committing to a business relationship.

Capricorn: Planet Jupiter moves into your 6th house of routine, work, and health this month and will stay put over the next year.  This could potentially make matters realted to work, routine and your health more favorable an aslo encourage you to take on any new activities or habits that will improve your health.  This month think about what your health goals are – perhaps make a vision collage or some kind of image to look at that symbolizes your desire and commit to your best health ever!

Aquarius: Over the next year with Jupiter moving into your 5th house of creativity and expression, this suggests a favorable time and luck in ll endeavors and activities that involve your creativity and expression, especially writing, speaking, and acting.  You are about to experience a powerful time where your voice wants to be expressed and the world is ready to hear it.  Do not deny your voice, and do not deny your point of view to the world.

Pisces: Starting this month with Jupiter moving into your 4th house of domestic affairs, nurturing and the soul – this may be a great month to slow down and clear the calendar for some alone time.  Spend time with your dearest friends, take hot baths, let your home be the haven that you desire.  Nurture is necessary for any growth and for all change.  Take the time to nurture yourself and find that your own self-care is the most important care.

Aries:  This month, Jupiter moves into your 3rd house of short travel, community and siblings.  This would be a great month to plan a daycation or a short weekend getaway to take a break and refresh your mind.  While it may seem that things have been tough lately or not going according to plan, a short trip will help you put things back into perspective.  You have much to be thankful for and you will see that all is perfectly aligned when you are relaxed.

Taurus: Jupiter moves into your 2nd house this month which is great news for your income and self confidence over the next year.  This upcoming year is certain to provide opportunities to expand your income and to gain the self confidence to feel worthy of the job, income, lifestyle that you have desired your whole life.  With Venus in retrograde, you may not quite yet see the opportunities right away this month, but know that they are right under your nose!

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