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gemini“We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal, and then leap in the dark to our success.” -Henry David Thoreau
Right when we think we know everything, we often come to find out that we know nothing at all.  The things we don’t know can often be a source of anxiety in our lives.  We can wonder about whom we will marry, how we will get a new job, 
when we get certain opportunities.  Sometimes as we wonder, we forget how delightful a surprise will be.  We trade in curiosity for the ability to know.
Curiosity keeps us in the present moment.  What fun would life be if we already knew all the details to how our lives are unfolding.  When we let ourselves not know, we can be curious in each present moment.  We can invite the present moment to unfold and reveal what it has in store for us, and then be gracefully lead to the next moment.
This month, Mercury moves into retrograde.  Before you judge this retrograde as being “bad”, can you allow yourself to keep open and curious to how it will shift your life?  I always see retrogrades as a period where we really get the chance to practice surrender and allowing.  Let yourself be curious and not know, instead use your energy to trust and enjoy the moment.

Important Astrology Dates:

June 2: Venus Moves Into Cancer
June 8: Gemini New Moon
June 23: Capricorn Full Moon
June 26: Mercury Moves Retrograde in Cancer
June 26: Jupiter Moves into Cancer

Gemini: It is birthday month for you Gemini and a season of new beginnings and unexpected blessings bestowed by Jupiter as he exits your sign.  With Mercury retrograding at the end of the month, use the last weekend of the month for quiet self-care – meditation, bubble baths, massage, whatever you fancy for ultimate relaxation.

Cancer:  This month, Jupiter enters your sign for the next 13 months.  Jupiter represents abundance and optimism, and brings gifts to you in many forms as it transits through your Sun Sign.  Give thanks for the gifts you receive, and please know there are many more in store for you

Leo:  This month’s New Moon falls into your 11th house, the house of friendships and society.  You can expect to be even more popular than usual this month with invitations and people wanting to be around you.  You may want to be around someone particular this month, tell them, don’t hold back.

Virgo:  The new moon in Gemini is in your 10th house of career and reputation this month.  This would be a good time to begin conversations  and set up meetings around new jobs new entrepreneurial ideas.  Plant the seeds with the conversations and then let go of how it will happen.

Libra:  With Jupiter moving into your 10th house of career and reputation this month, the next couple of months may reveal gifts in your career.  This month starts a 13 month transit that can bring important figures into your life to elevate your career.  Are you ready?

Scorpio:  This month’s New Moon lands in the 8th house of your chart.  The 8th house is the Scorpio house and rules sex, death, transformation and other people’s money.  With the New Moon in Gemini, this is a beautiful time to open up your curiosity around the areas of your life that you keep secret.  Stop hiding, show your whole self – vulnerable and all!

Sagittarius:  The Gemini New Moon lands in your 7th house of relationships this month.  Use this New Moon as an invitation to open up communication between you and your beloved.  If you are single, use Gemini’s wittiness to chat up strangers – you may be pleasantly surprised where that conversation goes.

Capricorn:  Jupiter, planet of abundance and optimism, moves into your house of relationships this month and will be there for the next year.  With this placement, you just might meet your romantic and/or business soulmate.  If you already are in this type of relationship, this could be a good time to start a venture together.

Aquarius:  The Gemini New Moon is in your 5th house of romance, creativity and expression.  While you are naturally creative, this New Moon beckons you to be curious in your creativity.  Try new things, and share them!  No need to hide your gifts.

Pisces:  The New Moon lands in your 4th house this month, which is the house of the home.  Gemini’s curious nature may have you feeling curious about moving or starting a new type of home, perhaps in a new city or creating a home with a partner or new person.  Allow this to be an invitation to remembering how much opportunity there is.

Aries:  Jupiter moves into your 4th house, which rules the home and domestic life.  Jupiter, planet of abundance, will be there for the next year, and this could bring forth a bigger home, or need for a bigger home (birth of a child?).  Either way, this is a time to allow your home to grow, and let go of the resistance of change.

Taurus:  The New Moon lands in your 2nd house, the house of earned income and self worth.  This is the Taurean house, and is a powerful time to create and practice intention around affirming your identity.  Be curious about who you are becoming.

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Shirley Kali Johnson, native New Yorker and San Francisco Bay Area-based, is a student of transpersonal psychology, yoga, and astrology. She has been studying astrology since the tender age of 5 years old and is thankful to share her love for the celestial bodies. She is available for Astrology Counseling, Reiki Healing, and Yoga. For more info or to join her mailing list, please go to